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I’ve been pretty scarce the last week, mostly because we’re reorganizing a couple of rooms in the house and my computer was taken apart. In case I haven’t made it clear yet, clutter and disorganization make me CRAZY…but my house has been a complete disaster area since we started this project. The hubby and I used to have our desks in the loft, and the kids’ play area was the rest of the area. Because we’re hoping to open his martial arts school soon, we decided to move his desk into my workout room downstairs (quiet sob) and give him a real office. We also decided to take down the trampoline (it just takes up so much space!) and put the mats from the workout room there instead. It gives the kids a place to go crazy with somersaults and cartwheels, I can still workout there if I want, and the room is still completely open. We’re going to petition the HOA to let us move the trampoline outside, but I really don’t know what we’ll do with it if they say no. Fingers crossed!


So right now this is what the loft looks like…a complete disaster area. The corner where the shelves are is where my desk used to be, and the opposite corner is where the trampoline was. It’s mostly taken apart but we can’t find the tool to take the springs off, so we haven’t put it in storage yet. Hopefully by the time we find the tool we can just move it to the backyard, instead of having to store it and then pull it back out again. Once we get it moved I can put those mats down, and the loft will start looking like a room instead of a storage closet! 🙂

In other fun news, Micah has been potty training this week, and although there have been a few incidents that the carpet REALLY didn’t appreciate he’s doing really well. He’s still in pull-ups when we’re out and at bedtime, but he’s been using big boy underwear while we’re at home and doing really well!


We got him urinals for each bathroom, and he’s been going crazy for them. Tonight was the first time he realized that the little tongue will spin if he pees on it, so of course he needed to spin it with his hand as soon as he was done peeing…life with little boys is usually gross and germy, but at least it isn’t boring! I’m probably going to have to get the carpets cleaned once he’s gotten the hang of it, but it’ll be so nice not to buy double diapers anymore! I’m kinda wondering if it’s too early to get Jonah going too…

Workouts this week haven’t been super frequent, but I’ve also been moving furniture and cleaning/organizing constantly, so I feel like I’m getting a lot of movement in regardless.

Wednesday — Body Beast back/bis

Thursday — Body Beast chest/tris

Friday — (furniture moving day — no official workout)

Saturday — swimming with the family (no laps, but wrangling both boys myself was a crazy arm workout!)

Sunday — rest

Monday — rest

Tuesday — Grokker HIIT workout (20 minutes)

I don’t use Grokker as often now that I’m in the middle of Body Beast, but it’s great when I don’t have time for one of those workouts. I can filter it by the amount of time I have, what equipment I have, and what I want to do, and just pick from there. So worth $9 a month! I’m planning on at least 5 actual workouts this week because I’m hitting the end of a Dietbet and need to lose those last few pounds to win! 🙂

Have you ever tried Dietbet? Did you make any money?

What are your favorite at home workouts?