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Time for the Week in Review!

I feel like this last week was ridiculously unproductive. Poor Micah had an ear infection, so there was a lot of crabbiness and very little sleep. At least there were lots of cuddles to make up for it though!


Poor kiddo seems to know exactly when his Daddy leaves for work in the morning, and he almost always crawls into bed with me right afterwards. He’s such a bed hog!

About halfway through the week he finally started to feel better. Instead of crawling into bed with me, he pulled down the baby gate to let Jonah out of the bedroom, and pulled out all of his trains. I was nervous when I woke up and heard them wandering around but they were so well-behaved, I’m really proud of them. 🙂


On Thursday Kinsey came home, and the boys went crazy (as always). Now that it’s summer vacation we get to spend so much more time with her, and the boys have been ecstatic. Of course, we had a movie night with pizza…


and french fries…


and lots of sharing 😛


The movie night has become a tradition for them, and I love watching them play with each other and get silly. Even with the age difference they are so great with each other, and I love watching them grow closer as they get older. We let them have a sleepover in the boys’ room, and I had to take a picture. For some reason they refused to sleep on their beds lol — I must be old because that just looks uncomfortable.


Other highlights from the weekend:

I got the kids to eat cauliflower tortilla quesadillas, and they actually liked them! (Except Micah, but he ate almost half of one anyway which is a HUGE victory)



I made my own pesto for the first time (with the basil plant my hubby bought me)…


It was soooo good on spaghetti squash, I can’t wait to make it again!


The boys grew into a new set of church clothes, and Micah’s was extra adorable! That little folded hankie in the pocket just kills me…


The sandals made it that much cuter. Jonah had a tie instead of a vest, but if you look closely it’s in Micah’s hand. He claimed it for himself right before church and wore it on his vest, completely oblivious to the fact that it clashed horribly. These kiddos melt my heart! They were sad Kinsey couldn’t come to church with us, but they’re starting to cope better with the half-time schedule, especially with the extra time now that school is out. This week I’ll get a lot more accomplished, but I’m not sorry I spent this week cuddling my kiddos 🙂

What did you get done this week?

Do you have any fun activities you only do during the summer?