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Linking up with Amanda today for some random thoughts!

Cool weather park adventure!


We had a nice break from 90 degree days here, so we spent a little time at the park today. Jonah was adorable — he hates wearing shoes, but he hates the way grass and sand feel on his feet and he wanted to run around. It made for a seriously entertaining morning!


Micah is already feeling super competitive, but Jonah just wants to do everything Micah is doing. He was so proud of being able to run around and kick the ball just like his big brother!


We didn’t stay out too long because the sun came out and we’d already walked/jogged 2.5 miles before this so I figured it was nap time. It’s so fun to be outside and running around with them! Now I just need to get my backyard cleaned up so we can do this every day once it gets hot. The backyard gives us the option of a kiddie pool to keep them cool, and shade on the patio whenever they need it.

Weekly workouts!

I’ve been using a new Beachbody workout lately called Body Beast. I won’t do a full review until I finish the entire program (I have 2 months left), but so far I’m really enjoying it. It’s all lifting workouts, and as much as I love Insanity style workouts, this is just more my style. With finals, work, and the kids I’m not following the program exactly, but I’m doing way better than I’ve done in a long time. The days I’m not able to do the Body Beast workouts I’m doing my best to be active, which is far more than I used to be able to say.

So far this week:

Monday — Back/Bis (BB)

Tuesday — This was supposed to be a cardio day, but I wound up spending about 3 hours deep cleaning the boys and their room (check out my Instagram for pictures), so I like to think I worked up a sweat that way.

Wednesday — Rest day

Thursday — 2.5 mile walk/jog

The next few days should look like this if everything goes well —

Friday — Chest/tris

Saturday — Legs (my favorite!!!)

Sunday — Shoulders

I’d also like to do a little extra cardio on at least one of those days if I have time. This is finals week though, so it’s just going to depend on how fast I can get everything done. Can’t wait for the semester to be over!!!

Random thoughts!

I saw a video on Facebook today featuring Thomas S. Monson (the current president of the LDS church) talking about making time for what matters most. Not long after that I saw a post by a blogger I follow talking about how someone she knows randomly died in her sleep. She was only 32 and had no medical issues, and she had a husband and young kids. I was really struck by both of these posts, and I feel like I was meant to see them.

I talked a little bit about this earlier this week, but my priorities have been a little out of whack lately. School is important, but if I’m not happy, never see my family, my house is a mess, I rarely get to do the things that matter to me….I really don’t feel bad about taking the time off anymore. The reality is I’m not going to use my degree until the kids get older, so a year or two off won’t hurt a bit.

It would also be helpful for our family if I had time to do something to make a little money again, and with school I just don’t have the time to do anything besides subbing once a week. I could start writing freelance again, doing transcription work, or even babysitting during the day. I’d still see my kids all the time and I’d have plenty of time to workout every day and keep up with the house. I’ve been working on spring cleaning for a long time (like 2 years 😛 ) to simplify our lives, but I’m going to do the same thing with how I spend my time.

I’m a classic “over-committer”, but I’m tired of the way that feels. I used to love being the person that could do everything, even when people told me it was impossible. When Micah was born I used to write my French papers with him sleeping on my lap, and I was so proud of how well I was able to multitask and still keep up with everything. If I’m really honest though, I wasn’t keeping up well. I rarely slept, rarely worked out, and justified fast food WAY too much because I never felt like cooking (or even food shopping). Either life has gotten busier, or I’ve gotten WAY worse at multitasking because I can’t keep up with even half of what I was doing back then. Maybe I’m just getting old…

Either way, it’s great to be downsizing every area of my life. I need simplicity in my old age!