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I’m linking up with Week in Review to recap this week!


Just an observation — Jonah may not feel the same way I do about bacon….so sad!

I’ve actually had the opportunity to stay home more often with the kids because my husband’s work schedule changed. Unless we start paying a sitter again I can only sub once a week now, and it’s actually made me want to go to work even less than usual. I never would have imagined wanting to be a stay at home mom, but from the day the kids were born every day I leave for work makes me unbearably sad. I know it’s good for me to get out of the house and spend some time away from the kids, and its good for the kids to have boy’s days with the hubby, but some days I still wish I didn’t have to work at all.

What’s really odd is that the days I don’t work I’m far less productive than the days I do — you’d think it would be the opposite. It’s like the entire day is gone before I’ve done anything! This week has basically consisted of procrastination, and then over-caffeination so I can stay up to finish whatever I’ve procrastinated. As a result, I’m constantly tired and have no energy for anything at all. I’m working on getting more structure into my days, and even though it hasn’t been perfect (or even really good) there’s been a little improvement.


Structured mealtimes

One of my biggest goals is to make mealtimes more structured for the boys. Micah is terrible about eating veggies and fruit, but structured mealtimes help me introduce more foods for him. I’m hoping that he’ll eventually be willing to taste something new.


I’ve managed to get that done at least a few times this week 🙂

Outside playtime

I’m also trying to get more time outside with the kids. It’s getting really hot here, but I don’t want the kids to spend the next 4 months stuck inside. I’ve lived here 14 years now and all my kiddos were born here, it’s about time we figured out how to deal with the heat!

IMG_2805 IMG_2815

The kids got a huge bucket of chalk for Easter, and we spent some time making the driveway pretty and the kids seriously dusty. Even Jonah got in on the action, and I love that he’s actually learning to be creative already!


It was pretty interesting to push the boys in the stroller while on skates, but I managed to not kill myself so I’m counting it as a win.


Micah wanted a turn skating too, so Kinsey helped him for a while. He’s actually getting pretty good for a 2-year-old, but he wasn’t fast enough for Kins so after a little she had him start holding the stroller.

IMG_2819 IMG_2820

Jonah thought that was hilarious – I think he’s a little jealous that he’s not old enough for skates yet.


Sticking to the Wild Diet

I haven’t talked about this much lately, but I’ve made the commitment to stick to a paleo style diet known as the Wild Diet. I don’t love the word diet at all, but this is a permanent lifestyle rather than a quick weight loss fad. Essentially, I’m gluten/grain free, low dairy (and only dairy from grass-fed cows), soy free, and concentrate on getting tons of organic veggies/fruits and grass-fed/free range organic proteins.

I was doing really well, but Easter threw me off a bit. When I’m sticking to the diet I don’t crave anything, but eating the slightest bit of gluten turns on this crazy craving for more and it’s really hard to get back on track. I don’t know what makes me decide to cheat a little knowing that and I really hate when I do. This week has actually been really bad. I’ve shared frozen pizza and chicken nuggets with the kids more times than I’d care to admit, but I’ve still had a few meals that were really good.


Even when I didn’t want to cook, I found ways to make super simple meals like this (chicken, asparagus, onion, and butternut squash). I do need to start prepping and pre-cutting veggies for this sort of thing though, I think it would cut down on my pizza stealing. Even though I wasn’t great last week, I’m trying to hold on to the things I did right and improve this week.

Goals for this week

There are quite a few things I’d like to accomplish this week, and I’m hoping my next recap will have a lot more successes to report!

  • Keep to my diet
  • Stick to my workout plan (5-6 days)
  • Make a daily schedule and stick to it (including daily homework, laundry, miscellaneous cleaning, meal plans, and outside playtime for the kids)
  • Pick one room and get it really clean and organized (no more clutter!)
  • Catch up and get ahead on homework
  • Get to sleep by 10 — get enough sleep every night!
  • Start writing freelance articles again

What are your goals for the week?