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I’m not sure why I got away from meal planning — probably a mix of being sick on and off, time spent on homework, and a little bit of laziness. Whatever the case, I’m glad to be back to planning because it saves me so much time, money and aggravation!

meal plan 2-3-16

My meals have been mostly great the last week. In general it’s my snacks that kill me, not the meals — they’re definitely my weakness.

Most of my breakfasts looks something like this — roasted veggies, eggs, and some sort of fat (usually avocado). Not very pretty, but super yummy!



I’ve also been trying to have a green smoothie every day, at least 50-60% veggies plus a green drink veggie powder. Salads are also a big thing lately — I’m really craving veggies!


This is my favorite meal of the week — chicken stuffed with garlic, spinach, and goat cheese, cauliflower/potato mash, and zucchini noodles. It was so good!


My parents got me a spiralizer for my birthday so I’ve been going a little crazy with it. Zucchini noodles will take a little getting used to, but they were pretty good.  🙂


I’ve also started using it to put carrots in my salads because it’s so much easier than chopping. Carrot noodles are also really good! I think I might like them better than zucchini noodles, but I’m going to try a mix and see how that comes out.


I adapted this meatloaf from one of the Wild Diet recipes and threw it in the Crockpot overnight instead of the oven. I didn’t have the different kinds of meat so I just used beef but it was really good, and the veggies didn’t detract from it at all. Even my hubby liked it, and he’s kind of a meatloaf purist.


Lunch today was butternut squash fritters. They were super yummy, but I should have had more protein and fat with them. I was hungry again way too quickly. Next time I’m going to mix these with sweet potatoes and make them a side dish.

I’m really loving the Wild Diet, and I’m trying to adapt it to my lifestyle so it’s completely viable long-term. For anyone not familiar, it’s basically a higher fat version of paleo, but it allows for tailoring to what feels best for your body — hence the cheese. The focus is more on quality of ingredients than strict dogmatic rules, and even though it’s very similar to paleo I feel like this works better for me. I seem to be doing well on a higher fat diet, and I notice that’s when my energy is highest and I feel most satiated. It’s crazy how blind I was to how low my energy has been the last year. When my diet is right on, I can run around with the kids and it doesn’t wear me out. Poor nutrition has been wasting so much of my time and I didn’t even know it! I’m excited to see how I feel at the end of this week!

Have you tried any new recipes this week?