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What happens to little boys when they have big sisters? At least it wasn’t makeup lol…


The weekend started off a little bit crazy, because I got my first call at my new job! I’m a substitute teacher now (no more customer service phone calls for me!), so sometimes the calls come super last-minute. I wound up teaching third grade, so by the end of the day I was exhausted!

Saturday morning we decided to go to the park!


There was lots of climbing…




water breaks…


and plenty of other fun! They loved these steep slides — I was a little nervous about Micah, but he did great with them.



Kinsey and Micah ran around and chased each other for hours. I love seeing Kinsey helping Micah to learn new things, and him trying so hard to be just like his big sister.

IMG_1855 IMG_1852

I have no idea what they were pretending to do, but it was super adorable to watch!

IMG_1862 IMG_1864


Jonah slept nearly the whole time, but once he woke up he was highly amused by their antics.


Sadly, after 3 hours of craziness it was time for Kinsey to head back to her Mom’s house. Micah has hit an age where he gets really depressed when she leaves, and it’s just heartbreaking to watch. Hopefully as the kids get older we’ll wind up living closer, and they’ll be able to play with each other regardless of which house Kinsey is at that day. For now, we’re just grateful to have such a happy, amazing girl in our lives 🙂

On Sunday Jonah got up long before Micah so naturally he played with all of Micah’s favorite toys while he had the chance. Micah is in the “everything is MINE” stage, so Jonah can barely use his own toys. I love seeing the two learn to play together, but its nice for Jonah to get some time to play without being pushed around. Micah is going to regret being so bossy when Jonah’s a little bit bigger…


So cute in his church outfit!


The rest of Sunday was stressful but uneventful. The hubby and I were both behind on our homework, so after church we spent the entire evening rushing through our assignments. The hubby finished his around 11, and I stayed up til midnight. Sadly, I didn’t finish my assignments before they were due — I’m really not doing well this semester. The workload is so much more than any of the other classes I’ve taken, and it’s just hard to keep up. I’m just hoping to pull out B’s and C’s at this point, I’ve given up on getting back on the Dean’s List this semester. It’s a little discouraging, but I’m trying to remember that all I need are C’s to graduate, and my family and job are more important than a 4.0 GPA. There are only so many hours in the day, so I’m just trying to give it my best effort and I hope that’s enough.


Monday morning was nice and relaxing. Micah absolutely loves his trains, and he spent over an hour just rearranging the tracks. He’s getting so creative with his play, it’s amazing to watch!


Did you do anything fun this weekend?