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As a rule, I’m not really much of a trend follower. I’m not as bad as my hubby, who dislikes pretty much anything labeled “trendy” on principle, but in general I think most trends are either silly or short-lived, and therefore require exactly none of my attention. Despite this fact, I am currently wearing a brand new Fitbit Surge, and I’m kind of loving it.

My birthday is on Thursday, and my hubby decided to surprise me a few days early. 🙂 I’m not used to it yet, and I haven’t even come close to figuring out all of the features, but after a few weeks I’ll give a real review. My daughter picked out roller blades for me too, so it’s been a very health conscious birthday. It’s so amazing to know that even though I’ve had slow progress and fallen off the wagon tons of times, my family is always behind me and encouraging me. Support makes all the difference!

There was plenty of craziness over the weekend too — like a sleepover in our room (apparently Micah doesn’t like sleeping on mattresses?)…


some shopping…and can I just say that silly pink carabiner is the best $6 I’ve ever spent?? It’s called a Mommy Hook, and it makes shopping with the boys in the stroller soooo much easier! It was holding 3 half gallons of almond milk, two big bottles of kefir, and a ton of other (heavy) stuff and it had no problem!

a nice, low-key party with some friends…


and a lot of playing 🙂


It’s crazy to me how old Jonah has gotten already. He’s climbing like a monkey and he loves playing with just about any toy he can get out of Micah’s hands (like Micah’s new tool bench). He’s trying to talk, he loves to imitate Kinsey and Micah, and he’s even learned to play with the dogs. He’s already a lot more gentle than Micah was at his age, and I think the dogs really appreciate that. 🙂

The rest of my free time was spent studying/doing homework, so not super exciting. I can already tell this semester is going to kick my hiney, but I’m really hoping to come out of it really speaking and understanding Spanish!

Did you do anything exciting for the holiday weekend?