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One more recap post before things go back to normal!

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is going to see the lights at the Mesa Temple. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s where the hubby proposed 4 years ago so there’s extra sentimentality for me. I didn’t get as many pictures as usual this year, but we made it through the evening without any of the kids running off (despite their best efforts) so I’ll call that a win anyway.


We spent Christmas Eve with my in-laws, and the kids had a ton of fun playing with their cousins. They love to dress up and listen to Christmas stories (a lot more than the adults I have to admit, I don’t really prefer to spend time in a skirt when I don’t have to). They got to open a Christmas Eve present (new pajamas, a movie, popcorn, and hot chocolate for everyone), and the kids got to stay up watching a movie. Of course, Jonah didn’t even stay awake for his present, but I doubt he’ll remember that.


He looked so grown up in his little suit! (Baby suits might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…)


Christmas morning was pretty crazy, but the kids had a ton of fun. Of course the house looked like a tornado had gone through it, but it was worth the mess to see the smiles.


The roller skates and balance bike were a huge hit…


And the weather has been a little chilly, which is perfect for playing outside. The last couple of weeks I’ve been really grateful to live in Arizona! I can’t wait for Kinsey to get more comfortable on her skates and bike, so she can come with me on longer runs without getting too tired.

Some other random cuteness from Christmas…


Reading his new books…


Big sister trying out the balance bike…


Fun on the new slide…


Hanging out in new outfits…


Playing with their new blocks while mommy works.

There was also a lot of fun last week with visiting cousins…

IMG_1629 IMG_1623


…and a lot of fun with the projector downstairs. Kinsey and Micah saw their first Star Wars movie (The Phantom Menace), and they really like it (although Kinsey fell asleep before the end).


IMG_1688They’re so loving to each other, it makes my heart melt! 🙂




The last few months have been a crazy whirlwind. The kids have been sick about every week and a half since Thanksgiving, so I’ve been sick about every two weeks and I haven’t been sleeping very much.


Of course, I’ve been compensated by a TON of cuddles so I can’t complain too much. The worst casualty has been my workouts. Between being sick and being up all night with kids, I’ve been napping instead of working out and it’s really taken a toll on me. I gained a few pounds over the holidays and I need to get my butt back in gear. The last two weeks I’ve at least managed 2-3 workouts per week, but I need to get back up to 5 or 6. I’ve also been missing a lot of my running workouts, which is a problem since my half marathon is 6 weeks away. The one thing I’ve accomplished that I’m really proud of is finally kicking my diet soda habit. I haven’t had one since December 15th, and I really don’t miss it that much anymore. Now I just need to find the same resolve and kick my sugar/fried food habits too…

It feels great to be back and blogging again! The spring semester has started so I need to get back into a regular schedule of everything so I stay ahead on my homework, keep up on my workouts, and still find plenty of time to get the kids outside and playing. I’m not proud that I fell off the wagon while I was sick, but life is good and I’m happy to be back in the game 🙂