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I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since my last post. I thought everything would go back to normal after midterms, but the truth is that the last half of this session really kicked my butt. I barely squeezed out B’s, and I’m super grateful to have pulled that off! Now that the semester is over, I’m hoping to get my act together, get my house cleaned and organized, and get into some really good habits before next semester starts! Here are some high and low points from the last month…


Goofy smiles, adorable winter outfits…IMG_9254Working while this little cutie eats breakfast next to my desk…


And LOTS of coloring. Micah has really taken to using my iPad for educational games, and he loves to color, whether it’s digital or with actual crayons.


Just a lot of ordinary days, but these smiles make them all special!


The never-ending cold…plus pink eye…plus ear infections…


Miserable babies = zero sleep for mom…which means mom got sick too. Thankfully I missed the pink eye, but the head cold/productive cough stayed with me for almost 3 weeks.


Of course, no sleep and feeling terrible led to a whole lot of this….


But also a whole lot of this. I love baby cuddles! Micah rarely stays still long enough to cuddle anymore, but the last few weeks I’ve had one in each arm just about all day.


Decorating our felt Christmas tree…


Christmas music and adorable giggles!


These two absolutely make my heart melt. Kinsey is such an amazing big sister, and Micah absolutely adores her.


He looks up to her so much, and he’s always looking for ways to emulate her. I even see her mannerisms in the way he treats Jonah. I could fail at everything I attempt for the rest of my life, and way my kids are loving, selfless, and supportive of each other would still make me feel like a success. The three of them are just amazing!


On Thanksgiving Micah had his hand slammed in a sliding glass door by one of his cousins, and the nail is pretty much dead at this point — it looks awful. 😦


The doctor says its much better now, but to me it looks a million times worse. The first few nights were horrible, every time he rolled over his hand would brush something and he’d wake up screaming. I must have called the after hours line at the pediatrician’s office half a dozen times just that weekend, but Advil and warm soaks were all we could do. Thankfully it doesn’t hurt him anymore, even if it looks pretty bad still. He’ll probably lose the nail, but thankfully the finger isn’t broken and everything besides the nail itself seems to be healing fine. I just hate to see my baby in pain. 😦


Almost daily walks/jogs with the boys (and Kinsey when she’s here). Our neighborhood has a TON of Christmas lights up, and the kids love walking around and looking at all the different light displays.


I’m really looking forward to taking them to see the lights at the Mesa Temple this weekend. There are sooooo many lights, I can’t wait to see their faces! I also love the nativities within the display; between Santa and presents it can be hard to remember the real reason for Christmas, but this is a fun way to help the kids remember to keep the main focus on Jesus rather than presents.


It would appear that Jonah is allergic to something…



I didn’t take any pictures until after he got Benadryl, so this isn’t nearly as bad as it was to start with.


It was all over his arms, chest, and back, and it came on so suddenly it was really scary. We’re switching detergents and looking into other possibilities, but thankfully he hasn’t needed Benadryl yet this week. The last month has involved a LOT of calls and visits to the pediatrician — we had a run of bad luck, but it seems to have finally ended!


Today is our third wedding anniversary!


I can’t believe we’ve been together 4 1/2 years already, and married for 3! In some ways it feels like yesterday we were wandering down the West coast on our honeymoon, but at the same time its hard to remember what our life was like back then. There’s a HUGE difference between having one kid and having three, and life is definitely crazier now. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but I wouldn’t mind an adult weekend away. I really miss spending time with the hubby — of course I’d probably spend half of it crying or on the phone with the kids, but I don’t know if that feeling would ever get better anyway. It’s hard to juggle being a good mom and a good wife, but I’m trying! 🙂