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IMG_9088It’s been quite a crazy last few weeks. I feel like I say that a lot, but the reality is this is just a very crazy time in my life and that’s probably not going to change anytime soon. With a combination of midterms and a really nasty cold (that I still haven’t completely kicked), I spent most of my available blogging time either napping or studying so I haven’t been around in a while.

Here’s the last two weeks in pictures….

Probably the biggest change is that the hubby suggested we try the Paleo diet for a while. I’ll be dedicating an entire post to that soon, so for now these are some of the prettier meals I’ve made…


These were good, but messier than I expected — not really an “in the car” breakfast the way I’d hoped.


If you’re noticing a lot of these look the same, it’s because a lot of them are very similar. Easy breakfast I can throw in the oven while I’m working and not have to check on it much — the trickiest part is the eggs.


This was the hubby’s idea. He surprised me with lunch this week, and these tomatoes stuffed with tuna and chia seeds were amazing!


We also prepped another batch of juice, and hopefully this one will last a lot longer!


Now that the weather is gorgeous, we had our first day in the park in a long time.


Micah went down the slide about a zillion times!


He was super proud of going down the big, swirly slide all by himself.


Such a big boy! Micah also got some new jammies, and he was super excited to get dressed as Spiderman (“MAN!”) for bed. Today, Spiderman is saving the world by picking this poor monkey’s nose…


Because I was sick there was a lot of cuddles and movie nights this week. I’m so grateful that we have a playroom that keeps the kids entertained when I’m not feeling up to taking them outside.

IMG_8953 IMG_9077

Micah is even learning how to play educational games on my iPad. He loves playing with shapes and colors, and he can already count to 15!


It was also Kinsey’s birthday, but we haven’t really celebrated yet. She spent her birthday weekend at Disneyland with her mom, so it’ll be a week or two before she has a party with us. We still let her open a few presents though…


My parents make cards with old pictures in them, and she absolutely loves them! She loves trying to figure out which baby is which — which is funny, because to me they look absolutely nothing alike!


We also got a little bit of playtime at Peter Piper Pizza this week. Kinsey and her friends didn’t stop moving long enough for a picture, but I caught this adorable moment with the boys. Micah was showing Jonah how to move little marbles through a wall maze, and it absolutely made my heart melt! He’s going through an “everything is MINE” stage right now, so moments like this absolutely melt my heart!

That pretty much gets you caught up! Life is crazy, but I’m grateful for my family and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. Happy Monday!

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