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Good morning! I can’t believe the week is almost over, but I’m excited for the weekend. We’re taking the kids to a Disney stage show, and I’m super excited for them! I’ve been loving our more relaxing weekends lately but the kids are bored, so its time to get out and do something!

Of course, it’s Thursday so now it’s time for some random thoughts! (Linking up with Amanda.)

  • I’m absolutely terrified for my Spanish final tomorrow. I’ve been trying to study, but then I’ll do some practice exercises and I can’t even remember how to form a basic sentence…my brain is complete mush. I have to be up really early for work tomorrow, so I’m hoping I can get in a midday nap so I’m more mentally fresh while I’m taking the test.
  • On the topic of my final, I also hate the idea that the professor is recording from my webcam while I take it (to prevent cheating). I want to be able to wear my pajamas, not worry about being presentable for the teaching staff! Plus my office is inside the kids playroom, so I don’t really want to advertise that my kids are messy and leave their toys EVERYWHERE.
  • I’m dying to be able to quit my job. Ever since I found out I might be able to work as a substitute teacher I’ve been pushing to get through the process and start as soon as possible, and as time passes I have less and less patience for my current job. I don’t mean  to be disrespectful or rude, but some people are just spoiled and I get super tired of coddling them. Of course I can’t really talk about the specifics of what I do or who I work for, but lately people have just gone out of their way to be rude and it makes my days really long…and for some reason I think as a substitute teacher I’ll be treated better! 😛
  • I miss singing, dancing, and acting. I mentioned last week that my friend took me to see Wicked (and that it was amazing!), and ever since then I’ve really been missing my days in musical theater. I’ve been in at least a dozen musicals (and even choreographed for 2 of them), but since I moved here I’m always doing adult-y things and I haven’t had time to even think about it. I was singing with a classical choir until about a year ago which helped, but because of the distance, the hubby’s schedule, and the kiddos I’m just not able to go back quite yet. I’m thinking about getting involved in community theater out here once the boys are a little bit older and I’m not nursing anymore, but I’m not sure how much time that would entail. I’m trying to balance between really wanting to perform again, and not wanting to leave my kids for that long…they’re still so young!
  • On the same note, my hubby is setting up our karaoke system and fixing it so we can record! I know pretty much no one wants to hear me sing, but it gives me the opportunity to hear what I need to work on and it helps my performance craving just a little bit.
  • I need more free time and more space in the house. I have so many hobbies that require setup and take-down of equipment, and it would save so much time to leave them all set up. I want to sew and do crafts more often, play my keyboard and clarinet more often, and a ton of other crafty things I really wish I had a ton of time to pour into. It’s hard to prioritize hobbies when you’re equally obsessed with all of them!

That’s pretty much it today, my final is really taking up the majority of my mental space so I’m not super interesting. Wish me luck!

What’s one random thought you’re having today?