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This weekend flew by, but we squeezed a ton of fun into it! Friday was Kinsey’s last day of school before fall break, so we celebrated with a movie night. The kids filled the trampoline with blankets and stuffed animals (because putting blankets on the floor just isn’t cool enough anymore), cuddled and played together while they watched Cars 2 (even Jonah!), and I decided to go crazy and make rice krispy treats for them. They turned out really well but I totally forgot to take a picture… #blogfail

Going out is fun, but sometimes it’s nice to just stay in and cuddle together!


Saturday was pretty amazing. My friend took me to see Wicked, and I was totally blown away! I totally love Broadway shows, and yet somehow I managed to make it this long without hearing any of the music — crazy! I think one of the reasons I’ve avoided it until now is that I’m really not that impressed with Idina Menzel. She’s not bad but I’ve always found her to be really overrated, and it kind of annoys me that she still manages to overshadow people that she works with that are more talented than she is. I first noticed it in Frozen — Kristen Bell was sooo much better than she was but got almost no credit for her amazing vocals. I’m sure this isn’t a very popular opinion, I just don’t really enjoy listening to her sing.

Thankfully, we got to hear Alyssa Fox as Elphaba, and she’s easily one of the best singers I’ve ever heard perform. She can seriously make me tear up just listening to a YouTube video! She totally deserves to be on Broadway, and I hope it’s soon — they’re not selling a cast recording from the tour, so if I want to hear her versions of the songs I’m stuck with YouTube. If she winds up on Broadway, they might do another cast recording — at least I hope so!


So much fun!


Sunday was all about church and family, and we got to spend some time with my in-laws. I love watching all the kids play together, and Kinsey and Micah really love spending time with their cousins. Even Jonah had some excitement, fighting with his little cousin over Micah’s flip-flop. It was adorable and hilarious! We also had a great view of the moon, and my stepbrother-in-law (I know that’s a mouthful) took pictures for us through a telescope. Amazing!


Before we left I got the boys into their pajamas because they usually fall asleep on the drive. I found the costume my parents bought for Micah’s first Halloween and I’ve been using it as pajamas, and his little Eeyore tail gave everyone a good laugh.


Sleeper costumes are seriously amazing, and you can actually use them more than once a year.


They’re pretty comfortable to play in too! There’s nothing cuter than that tail 😛 This morning was mostly low-key after we dropped off Kinsey with her mom. Just a quick stop at the bread store and the library, and we hung out together for the rest of the day. Micah is always really down after we drop off Kinsey, so I try to keep him occupied and smiling. Thursday can never come fast enough! 🙂


We had some leftover gluten-free pasta with pesto and broccoli, and after Micah had his fill he did his best to cut some up for Jonah. He’s such a thoughtful big brother! Somehow I’m still the tiniest bit under the weather, so the plan for the rest of today is rest, homework, and more rest. When I wake up tomorrow I’ll be 100%!

What is your favorite musical and why?