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I have to admit that my favorite thing about this week is that it’s over. A house full of sick people isn’t super fun and neither is being sick, so I’m happy to start a new week. There’s a little bit of leftover germy grossness, but I’m confident that it will be gone by Monday. 🙂

So let’s kick off the weekend with some of my favorites from this week!

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This Ryan Reynolds meme. And maybe Ryan Reynolds. 


Sleep issues really stink. They’re hard on the kids, the parents, and anyone who makes the mistake of asking the parents how they’re doing at any given time. 😛 In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t last very long, but when you’re on the inside it can seem like forever. It’s awesome to know that it’s normal and other people know how you feel, and it’s great to sit back and laugh at it. Someday I know I’ll miss the boys being this age, and joking about the issues help me remember to appreciate the time I have with my kids today instead of wishing for them to be old enough to sleep through the night.

Also, Ryan Reynolds isn’t unpleasant to look at….

Generic Afrin


Seriously, this stuff saved my life this week. I’ll be so sad to stop nursing when it’s time, but so grateful to be able to take any decongestant I want!

Chocolate covered almonds


Our local grocery store has a small bulk foods section, and these chocolate covered almonds are absolutely amazing! Just enough chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth, but enough protein and fat that I don’t eat a lot of them. 🙂

Little Einsteins

Seriously, this show is amazing. It keeps Micah occupied enough for me to get homework done outside of naptime, and he can tap in rhythm, identify a bunch of instruments, way more animals than when he started watching it, and he sings and dances to the music. He even found an old toy trumpet Kinsey hasn’t touched in ages and started carrying it around everywhere trying to play it. Music is such a huge part of my life, and I love that he’s starting to appreciate it more!

Sick baby cuddles


I hate that my poor boy is sick, but I’d by lying if I didn’t say that I’m enjoying how much he wants to cuddle and be held. He doesn’t mind hugs and kisses (yet) but he’s gotten too hyper lately to do much cuddling.

Being safety conscious


Even the king of the jungle needs a seatbelt lol…

This crazy smiling face


Kinsey was allowed to wear a tutu for Spirit Week, and I was lucky enough to find someone on Facebook that customized it to her school colors for me. It also works for a Frozen costume, and I’m sure it’ll be a favorite in her dress up box for a long time. 🙂

Homemade bow ties


When you see that big sister has all the coolest stuff, just wait until she turns her back, steal her stuff, and turn it into a bow tie for church. It was so cute Kinsey wasn’t even mad at him!

This scrunchy concerned face


Jonah has been making this face every time he doesn’t get exactly what he wants — usually either whatever his brother is eating or playing with. Although I really don’t love the shriek that comes with it, this face is soooo cute. He’s just devastated that he can’t have pizza, and apparently Cheerios and breast milk aren’t adventurous enough for his sophisticated 7 month old palate.

I love my family so much — they keep me crazy but they keep me sane and smiling. I’m grateful every minute of every day that they’re mine for all eternity!  🙂

What are some of your favorite things about this week?