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I know this week has been a little bit random already since I’ve been writing in a sinus pressure induced fog, but let’s have some random thought fun anyway!

Thanks to Amanda for hosting the link-up! 🙂

  1. The tail end of a cold is worse that the rest of it! The tail end of a cold is always hardest for me because that’s when the drainage seems to get out of control. Even though I’m feeling a lot better, I’m coughing all day long, and laying down at night is the worst. Not to be gross, but I always spend the last few days of the cold coughing up weird junk, and that’s usually a much worse feeling than the worst part of the cold. I’m still stuffing myself full of vitamins and Afrin and hoping for the best!

2. On a related note, I miss being able to take a DayQuil when I get sick. So many medications are forbidden when you’re pregnant, and when you’re nursing pretty much any decongestant can decrease your milk supply even if it’s considered safe for the baby. I have to admit I’m a little bit excited to hit the one year mark, because once Jonah is weaned I won’t have to just suffer through having a cold. 🙂

3. Speaking of weaning — I was looking through some old pictures of Micah, and I realized that the hubby used to hold him soooo much more than he holds Jonah.


I had a lot of issues nursing with Micah and I was still working full-time, so the hubby bottle fed him pumped milk all the time, and then formula after I had to stop nursing. With Jonah I haven’t had the same nursing issues, and I didn’t even realize that I tend to keep holding him after I’m done feeding him. When Danny was feeding him too it was easy for him to just keep holding him and play, but I’ve really been monopolizing Jonah without meaning to. I’m going to start pumping more often so Danny has the chance to spend more quality time with him. He’s so close with Micah and I want them to have that relationship too.

4. I don’t like pumpkin. The whole pumpkin spice craze that’s started this month is kinda gross and I can’t wait for Christmas smells (like cinnamon apple and cookies) to take over again. I finally finished our last Mrs Claus’ Kitchen candle last year, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a new one somewhere. It’s seriously the best smell ever!

4. I’m not overly happy with the weatherman right now. We had a couple of days in the 80s and I was getting really excited for fall, but according to the weatherman its going to be back above 100 for the next week and a half. I love winters in Arizona (no snow shoveling!!) but I feel like the summer is lasting forever this year. When we retire we’re going to get a summer-house somewhere and be snowbirds! Those people have it all figured out. 😛

5. I’m absolutely dying not being able to workout yet. I’m really hoping today is the day, but it will all depend on this cold. So far this week every time I’ve tried to start a workout I basically collapse in a coughing fit, so I’ve just been trying to keep moving and playing with the kiddos. It’s not the same though — as weird as it sounds, I miss being really sore after a workout. Such a good feeling! I’m working in workout pants today and hoping that positive thinking will make it happen today.


These pants are so bright and fun, how can I not workout in them? 😛

6. I’m really craving dark chocolate covered almonds today, but the hassle of packing up the boys to go buy them just doesn’t seem worth the reward. Chocolate covered fruit would be great too…especially blueberries. Yum!

7. Leftovers are amazing! I plan out lunches for the whole week, but more often than not my original plan gets scrapped in favor of leftovers. It’s such a time saver! 🙂

What’s on your mind today?