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Last week poor Micah got sick, and even though he’s gotten a lot better he’s still in pretty rough shape. Despite my addiction to Lysol wipes and quarantining everything that Micah touched the hubby and I have both managed to catch his cold, and for some reason it’s just kicking my butt. I’m loaded full of vitamins, orange juice, and Afrin (pretty much the only decongestant a nursing mom can take without fear of decreasing milk supply), and I’m pretending I feel great! 🙂 Maybe positive thinking will kill these germs… 😛

Because most of us were sick it was a pretty low-key weekend. It started with the hubby surprising Kinsey with a fringed Diamondbacks shirt for Sporty Friday of her school’s Spirit Week. She was so surprised and she loved it!


My poor baby boy spent a lot of his time curled up in the loft watching Little Einsteins. He just wasn’t up to playing much, so I let him watch a lot more TV than usual. I don’t mind Little Einsteins as much as regular movies because I love how much he’s learning about music. Music is a huge part of my life (and the hubby’s), and I want all of our kids to love it as much as we do.



When a chair isn’t comfortable enough, sometimes you just need to pull Daddy into the trampoline and cuddle…I looked up from my homework and saw this, and it absolutely melted my heart.


Even when he’s feeling crummy, Micah has to let Jonah know whose boss and take over his toys…


I keep trying to tell him that Jonah is going to be bigger than him someday and teasing him isn’t a good idea, but he doesn’t get it yet. It’s really cute to watch him learn to share though — he’ll snatch something he wants away from Jonah, but when Jonah starts crying he’ll realize that was mean. So being a good-hearted older brother he’ll bring Jonah one of his own toys, rub his head, and say “Ok Nonah?” to make sure he’s happy now. It frustrates me a little when he’s mean to his Jonah, but seeing his concern for his brother and how sweetly he tries to take care of him makes me so happy. They’re going to be best friends when they’re a little older! 🙂

Thankfully Jonah doesn’t seem to be sick at all. His nose is a little bit runny, but nothing compared to what Micah has. I hate seeing any of my kids sick, but Jonah is still enough of a baby that it’s really scary when he doesn’t feel well. I’m also a crazy helicopter mom, which doesn’t help. 😛


In other news, I discovered that the hubby really doesn’t like polenta — the creamy polenta on last week’s menu was pretty much untouched at the end of dinner. I’m going to rein in our menu a little this week and not push him so far outside of his comfort zone. I’m kind of obsessed with Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes this week, so I’m planning on roasting a TON of them for lunches (and maybe for dinners too). He’s not really a picky eater, he’s just a foodie so he has really high standards for how things turn out.


A few random thoughts…

I want this hot chocolate cup lol — cookies make everything better! 😛


And I saw this meme last week and had to share…can anyone else relate?


Jonah is mostly into the toddler stage now, and part of me misses having a tiny little baby to snuggle with 24/7. Of course, the other part of me wants to smack me for that thought — I’m sleep deprived now with a 7 month old and a 2-year-old(can you imagine adding an infant?), and having 3 kids under 3 years old is definitely not part of my long-term plan. I’d like to revisit the idea of one more when Jonah is 2 or 3 years old, but not before then. I need some time to focus on my family, finish my degree, and make sure I’m really healthy and in shape before I even think about pregnancy again. I think I’m still too out of shape to handle that again!

But sometimes I hold someone else’s newborn, and the thought crosses my mind that I REALLY want another one…

What’s on your mind today?