Good morning! I have a ton of homework due tonight, so today’s post is just a quick one. Here are some of this week’s favorites to celebrate the upcoming weekend!

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This article:

I plan on homeschooling my boys, and this article describes one of the reasons why I’m so set on it. I think that we’ve become so focused on starting education early that we haven’t really paid any attention to whether or not this approach actually leads to advantages later in life. I’m also liking this article, which touches on the same idea. I just want to give my kids the best foundation for long-term success, so I appreciate research that evaluates and tries to improve our current methods — hopefully I can find an approach that will work for our family, because Micah is fast approaching preschool age.

Nursing milestones:

I think I already mentioned that this is about the time I had to stop nursing Micah, and I’m really happy to say that it looks like Jonah will be able to continue nursing for quite a while. We still have our issues (I still haven’t been able to wean him off of a nipple shield, which is super frustrating), but he still nurses like a champ 5-6 times a day in addition to eating plenty of purees and solids.

Nursing with Micah was really traumatizing for me. First of all, I had no idea why he just wouldn’t eat for the first few days, and he lost so much weight we almost had to go back to the hospital. I even had to buy a car converter and a battery pack for my pump because he wouldn’t nurse under a cover, so I pumped constantly and bottle fed him any time we weren’t home. Most of the time if I didn’t have a bottle ready, we went to the car so I could try to feed him without his fussing and struggling bothering anyone.

My experience with Jonah has been completely different. Sure, the nipple shield is still a royal pain, but I’ve figured out how to make public nursing work with him and it’s made a huge difference. Yeah, he doesn’t love a cover, but he’s willing to put up with it. I don’t have to carry around a pump and a cooler everywhere I go — with Micah once you added in the diaper bag it was like a week’s luggage every time I left the house. My pediatrician always jokes that he’s happy when the kids are boring because it means nothing is wrong, and that’s exactly how I feel about this. Nursing is no big deal right now, and that’s really amazing for me.

Impending fall weather:

The summers in Arizona are pretty unbearable, but September tends to bring rain and a reprieve from 100 degree temperatures. According to my weather app, it should only hit 100 degrees twice this week! 🙂 That means it should actually be cool enough for outside runs with the kiddos a couple of times this week, which makes me super happy 🙂 Getting the kids involved in workouts is the best way to make sure they actually happen!


What’s one thing you loved about this week?