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Good morning! It’s time for more random thoughts, I hope you’re as excited as I am that the week is almost over. 🙂

Thanks to Amanda for hosting the link-up!

  1. I realized today that my tiny newborn baby boy will be 7 months in 3 days.


Aside from the fact that he’s growing up way too fast, that also means that all of the breast milk I stored in the freezer is more than 6 months old…which means its bad. Jonah hasn’t been big on being bottle fed, and has mostly just refused to eat when I have to leave him with the hubby or a sitter. I’ve never been gone more than 5 hours, so he’s just insisted on waiting for me. While I’m grateful that he’s a much better eater than Micah was and that I’m not having any supply issues (this is about the time that my milk just dried up with Micah), it kinda stinks when I need to leave Jonah for work. I also want to cry when I think about the fact that I’m about to throw away an entire freezer full of pumped milk…

2. Poop is gross. Especially when your son has decided he likes to hide from you every time he poops so that he can try to get his hand into his pants, under the onesie, and into the diaper….who knew poop finger painting would ever be a thing? Luckily I’ve always caught him before the poop actually made it onto a wall or other surface, but after scrubbing him down in the bathtub I always feel the need to sanitize whatever room he was in when it happened. I need a couple dozen containers of Clorox wipes to keep up with my cleaning schedule.

IMG_8183 IMG_8186

I have awesome friends — I would never have thought to put a sleeper on backwards to keep little hands out of diapers at bedtime. GENIUS!

3. I just found this blog this morning, and this is probably my favorite post of all time. Took the words right out of my mouth…

4. I haven’t worked out in a week. 😦 I get up nice and early for work but I’m finding myself doing homework instead of running…then after work I spend some time with the kids, but spend their nap on homework instead of running…and then after bedtime I do some more homework, usually until just after midnight. Then I set the clock for 4:30am and start all over again. I can’t even believe how much homework my professors are assigning this semester, it’s nearly twice what I’ve had any other semester. I keep thinking that if I could just catch up I could at least find 20 minutes to run, but so far I’m still behind on the homework. I need to find some time to workout soon though, I’m losing my mind a bit…

5. Kind of a continuation, but I really really really REALLY wish I was done with school. I love learning and I don’t want to ever stop, but drowning in homework doesn’t make me feel like I’m learning anything, it only makes me feel like I’m probably going to have grey hair and ulcers before I graduate.

6. I just realized this might sound like a very complain-y post. I hope not, because despite the hiccups, life is really good 🙂


My kiddos are amazing…

IMG_8060 IMG_8074

They always make me laugh, even when I’m about to lose my mind…


And when it’s just been the worst day ever, the hubby lets the kiddos (mostly Kinsey) surprise me with flowers. I seriously have the most amazing guy EVER. 🙂

What’s running through your head today?