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With the holiday weekend I didn’t get much writing done, but it was nice to take a little break and spend time with the family.


It was still a pretty eventful weekend though — Micah got a trampoline and an awesome train table for his birthday so we decided to rearrange the playroom, get rid of some furniture, and make a bigger play area for all the kids. It’s not quite picture ready yet, but I’m hoping it will be this week. We just need to fix how the TV is set up and finish sorting through the toys to make it completely tidy and baby safe. Getting rid of clutter is totally addicting, I’m on a crazy Goodwill binge! If I can get my homework done early enough tonight I’m even going to catch up on laundry and find a huge stack of clothes to give away. Here’s to better living through minimalism!

I also wanted to get my meal plan for the rest of the week posted. I found some new crock pot recipes I want to try, and even some breakfast cheats I’m hoping to be able to prep in bulk tomorrow.

meal plan

Here are some links to the new recipes:

Crockpot creamy polenta with chili lime shrimp

Crockpot basil pesto spaghetti squash with garlic butter shrimp

Sneaky veggie breakfast bites

Should be an exciting week!

Where do you usually find new recipes to liven up your weekly menu?