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It’s only been about two months since my last day in the life post, but that was a pretty off day for me, and a lot has changed since then so I figured I’d give you another one.

3:10am — Jonah wakes up hungry. It’s super unusual for him to wake up in the middle of the night, so my brain doesn’t turn on enough for me to think about taking a picture. I do realize that Micah has (so far) slept through the night for the first time in months, and I daydream about actually having a night where no one wakes me up while I nurse Jonah.

3:30am — I crawl back into bed and fall asleep almost instantly.

4:20am — I finally stop snoozing my alarm and get out of bed. I run down stairs and pack my hubby’s lunch and dinner (so much easier now that I’m food prepping!), refill his Camelbak, and pull his uniform out of the dryer while he takes a shower. I know I spoil him, but I have a 4 hour shift today and he has a 16 hour shift, so I figure he could use a little spoiling — doubles are rough!

4:40am — Danny pulls the door to the laundry room off the hinges before he leaves for work, so I’m able to pull our treadmill from the garage into the living room. This isn’t it’s final resting place, but at least I’ll be able to workout in the air conditioning until he can find someone to help us carry it upstairs.

4:50am — Realize I don’t have time to workout before work and since I’m exhausted I crawl back into bed for a nap.

6:00am — I realize I’ve snoozed one too many times and rush to my office to log in. Thankfully that takes about a minute, and I’m not late to work. I really need to get more sleep so I can drag my hiney out of bed on time.


8:10am — Go on my 15 minute break. Jonah is stirring so I grab him, change his gross leaky diaper, change his stained onesie, and quickly nurse him.


He’s a total champ and finishes in about 8 minutes, although he gets really distressed when I pause to switch sides — such an impatient boy!


I put him to bed in the bassinet so he doesn’t wake Micah up before I’m done with work.

8:30am — I can hear Jonah fussing so I peek in on him between calls, and he’s doing his best to climb out of the bassinet! I caught him with one arm over the side up to his armpit chewing contentedly on the top. I immediately have a stroke, grab him, swaddle him, and put him to bed on the floor. For the safety of both my heart and my baby, I make a mental note to get rid of bassinet today.

10:10am — Out of work only a few minutes late (which is good on a busy day). I debate for a minute whether I should workout or start today’s Rosetta Stone, but I decide to hit the treadmill while I still have a tiny bit of energy to do so. Wonder if I’ll regret this decision as I throw on workout pants…


10:20am — Realize that the belt of the treadmill is rubbing on the left side as it moves, and that I need to fix it before I can run.


Watch half a dozen videos on YouTube before I figure out how to adjust the belt, but can’t find the right size allen wrench to do it.

10:30am — Micah and Jonah both wake up. I feed Jonah and set them up in the loft with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I can work on fixing the treadmill.


10:55am — Finally find the proper sized allen wrench to fix the treadmill and get the belt realigned. It was actually a really simple fix; it took about 5 times as long to find the right tool as it did to fix the problem.

11:00am — Realize that a run isn’t going to happen until nap time, so I get Micah some honey chia toast play with the boys for a few minutes.


Don’t mind the toy explosion, my boys have the ability to completely destroy a room in 3 minutes or less.

11:30am — Make sure Micah is still set with Mickey Mouse, throw Jonah in a rocking play chair in the bathroom, and jump in the shower. Jonah isn’t a big fan of the chair so I wash my hair as fast as I can, but by the time I get out he’s pretty mad at me.

12:00pm — The kids are playing contentedly, so I sneak over to my desk and knock out 20 minutes of Rosetta Stone.


By the end Micah is super antsy (he hates that he’s not allowed in my office area), so I call it quits and play with them some more.

1:00pm — Feed Jonah again and get the kiddos ready to run some errands. It’s a little bit ridiculous how much time it takes to get them packed up and ready — do any other mom’s feel like they’re packing for a long weekend every time they leave the house with the kids??

1:45pm — Actually leave the house! Realize I don’t have enough gas to get us to the library and head towards the Fry’s gas station.

2:00pm — Outdoor mini marts at gas stations are amazing! I can leave my car running and my kids in the car, get drinks for me and the kids, and never be more than two feet from the car. It especially helpful today because it’s nearly 110 degrees and the car isn’t cooling down as fast as I’d like.


He looked so miserable, I had to get him a huge, freezing cold juice. Poor kiddo really hates the sun (which is going to be a long-term problem for him, since we live in the desert).


Days this hot should be illegal…

2:30pm — The kids, snacks, and drinks are loaded up in the stroller and we finally get into the library. Micah is starting to get crabby so I offer to let him pick out a movie to rent and he calms down a bit.

2:45pm — Micah figures out how to unclip his seatbelt while I’m looking at kids movies. He slips under the stroller bar and takes off, giving me a complete heart attack. I chase him, trying to maneuver the stroller through the stacks but he’s turning corners way faster than I can, and I can’t abandon the stroller because Jonah is in it. I completely lose sight of him and start freaking out and calling his name, and I walk past every stack in that area again to see if he doubled back. I still don’t see him so I hurry to the next set of stacks and look through them, but I still don’t see him. I look towards where I last saw him and see some older gentlemen looking at me and giggling but not offering any help (I have never wanted to smack someone so badly in my entire life — how cruel!). It’s only been about 60 seconds but I’m starting to think someone could have grabbed him, and I start crying as I head back for the original set of stacks. I finally catch sight of Micah crawling under one of the stacks to get away from me faster, and I manage to grab him. He thinks this is HILARIOUS, and can’t stop laughing as I move us away from other people to calm myself down. I try to explain why he can’t run away from Mommy in public, but it’s obvious he doesn’t understand. I settle for strapping him back into the stroller, double-check all of the clips, and even clip on the shoulder straps to give me extra time to grab him if he tries that again. I wait a minute for the tears to stop and my heart to stop pounding, and then we head off to look for some books.

4:00pm — We’ve found some kid movies, some adult movies, some kid books, and some adult books. Our library has a 15 item limit or I’d have picked more kid books, but I’m happy with what we’ve found.


We walked away with two easy reader chapter books to read with Kinsey this week (we have to read with her at least 15 minutes every day as part of her homework), two kids books in Spanish for me to compliment my Rosetta Stone time, the new Lincoln Child book (I’m a fan of his collaborations with Douglas Preston so I thought I’d give him a try on his own), 4 movies to distract the kids if they wake up while I’m still working, and 3 for me and the hubby to watch this week.

By this point the boys are fighting with each other, so we head for the car.


They’re both VERY sensitive about having their own space in the stroller, and they both think that their space should include both seats. 😛 It’s going to be interesting with them sharing a room as they get older.

4:40pm — I realize how late it is and that Micah hasn’t taken a nap yet. He tells me he’s hungry and for the sake of actually getting him to nap I stop and get him a kids burger and fries. Not what I had planned, but if I don’t get him down for a nap soon he’ll be awake all night.

4:50pm — We get home and Micah nibbles on his food. He’s not nearly as hungry as he told me he was, but I get some food in him and get him down for a quick nap.


On a side note, he’s really attached to his fire helmet lately, and I really hope he still fits into Kinsey’s old firefighter costume for Halloween. Jonah will be wearing Micah’s old Eeyore costume and I think it would be super cute to have pics of all the kids in the same costumes.

5:20pm — Micah is finally down for his nap, and I feed Jonah before I put him down.

5:40pm — Everyone is finally asleep, and I decide to take a quick nap because I’m completely wiped out.

6:35pm — My alarm rings, and I’m tempted to throw my phone out the nearest window. I debate just going back to sleep until the kids wake me up, but I can hear Jonah stirring so I get up and grab him.

6:40pm — I put Jonah in his jumper, stretch, and hop on the treadmill. 038

Jonah munches on these odd Styrofoam-like teething treats (no idea why babies like these, they’re disgusting) while I jog a slow mile and a quarter.


7:05pm — I didn’t intend to stop, but about this time I looked to my right and saw someone sneaking down the stairs…


Sorry for the blurry picture, I took it while running and didn’t realize how badly it came out. Micah kept trying to climb onto the treadmill, so I cut my workout short and took the kids upstairs for some playtime.

7:20pm — Micah asks to watch the Lego Movie, so we put it on in the background and dumped out his blocks to play. Jonah is really good at army crawling now, so he ignores us and searches the loft for absolutely anything he can find to put in his mouth.


I’d like to say he didn’t find anything, but Micah kept handing him crayons behind my back so I spend most of the evening taking away whatever Micah stuffs in Jonah’s mouth. I keep all of the toys that aren’t Jonah approved in drawers at least waist-high, but that just seems to make Micah more determined to sneak his brother contraband.

8:40pm — The hubby finally gets home from work, so I let Micah cuddle with him and eat half a peanut butter sandwich before I get him ready for bed. Doubles are almost as hard on Micah as they are on Danny…

9:00pm — I feed Jonah and get him to bed, and start Micah’s bedtime routine — diaper change, prayer, songs. I want to add stories to this, it’s just hard when I have to keep the light off because Jonah is already asleep. I’ll think of something eventually, because I really want him to love books.

9:10pm — The kids are in bed and I crawl into bed with my laptop and wait for the hubby to get back from his ice cream run. I work on this blog post a bit and set up a movie for us. I was lucky enough to find Lucy at the library, and I’m hoping it lives up to the trailers.


9:20pm — I realize that I’m really hungry, and warm up some leftover enchiladas.


This is such a ridiculously easy recipe, and it can be made in the crockpot, so it’s one of my standby dinners. I love Mexican food!

9:30pm — The hubby gets home and we start the movie. I’m really excited for this, but I’m pretty tired and I’m not sure I’m going to make it through the whole thing.


Sometime before 10:15pm — I fall asleep no more than 30 minutes into the movie, which is disappointing because I was really enjoying it. I’ll have to try again tomorrow night. 🙂

I don’t really feel like I get much done during the day, but looking at a post like this I realize how much time all the little things take. I’m just happy I was on time to work, I had time to play with the kids, and I hit all my goals for the day — Spanish, workout, scriptures. Insanity aside, I’ll call today a win! 🙂