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I had an entire post written about how happy I was that Micah’s sleep patterns were improving,  but after the last few days I had to trash it. He had one improved night, but we’ve been back to constant wake-ups again the last two nights. I feel like a complete zombie! Last night was a little worse than usual — once I tucked him back into bed after his fourth or fifth wake-up, he decided that he needed someone to commiserate with about how awful sleep is, so he climbed the side of Jonah’s crib and shook him awake. I ran in and rocked him back to sleep and talked to Micah about letting him sleep, but the minute I left the room he did it again, and after that Jonah didn’t want to sleep anymore. I wound up having to pull Jonah out and rock him until Micah finally fell asleep, and then try to put him down. It worked, but I didn’t get to bed until well past 2 am. It’s almost time for his next well visit, so I’m hoping his pediatrician has some advice for us. It just seems wrong that my infant is sleeping so much better than my toddler.



He can fall asleep almost anywhere!!

Lately the hubby has been pretty obsessed with our new projector, and he’s been trying to find a place in the house that works to permanently mount it. This week he decided to try out the downstairs living room, and it actually worked pretty well with our new couch setup. The only problem is that there isn’t really a convenient spot to mount it; it would basically have to hang from the ceiling. He decided to rent half a dozen movies and left everything set up on a chair for a week to give us a real chance to see if we’d like it.

The timing worked out perfectly because one of our friends had to go out-of-town with the kids this week, which left her husband home by himself. The guys decided it would be a guy’s week and hung out almost every night, so they spent quite a lot of time watching movies and playing video games on the projector. For the most part I left them to their own devices, but when I heard they were going to watch American Sniper I had to intrude on their guy time. Danny saw it in the theaters and talked about it non-stop for a week so I had to know if it would live up to the hype.

 sq_american_sniperFor anyone who isn’t familiar, this movie chronicles the life of real life Navy Seal Chris Kyle, known for his deadly accuracy as a sniper. After surviving 4 tours in the Middle East, he was murdered by a former marine that he was trying to help cope with PTSD.

I was a little bit surprised how fantastic this movie is! I’ve always like Bradley Cooper as an actor, but this so far surpassed any of his other performances that they aren’t even in the same galaxy. It’s really hard to watch a big name actor in a role and forget who they really are, but that’s exactly what happened. The movie is very well written and there is a really good balance set between action and character development. It’s so heart wrenching to get a glimpse of what our troops experience in a war zone and how it continues to affect them after them come home. Watching this movie made me really grateful for the patriotic strangers that choose to risk their lives to protect mine. I really think that Clint Eastwood did a fantastic job of honoring one of our fallen heroes — definitely two thumbs up!

Have you had an issues with sleep regression in toddlers? How did you handle it?

Have you seen any good movies lately? I’m always looking for new date night movies.