Yesterday was not a really exemplary day of meals, but it could have been worse. I woke up a bit late so ate breakfast while I was working…



…oatmeal with flax-seed and a splash of coconut oil. I also snacked on some salted peanuts while I worked which helped me drink almost 50 ounces of water over 4 hours. A side note — that’s the cup the hospital gave me when I had Micah and I LOVE it. It’s the only cup I can keep completely filled with ice water and there is absolutely no condensation from it.



Lunch was embarrassingly simple. I diced up some hotdogs and cut up a mango and Micah and I shared everything. Of course, I ate almost all of the mango and he ate almost all of the hotdogs, so I wound up needing a midday snack.



I really love these bars. They’re super healthy, actually taste great, and they’re not as expensive as Lara Bars (which are my favorite). What’s not to love?

Between unpacking from our vacation, catching up on my Spanish, and some freelance projects I was pretty worn out so the hubby picked up some pizza on the way home.



Geno’s Giant Slice is usually our favorite, but the location closest to our house just doesn’t seem as consistent. Even though it wasn’t as good as usual it was still pretty good, and it was nice to relax and hang out with the family instead of cooking for once.

Micah was super excited for pizza, and he put down more than I did. Who would have thought a tiny kid who’s not even 2 yet could eat almost 3 full slices of pizza and then play for a few hours like his stomach was empty?



The adults weren’t super hungry for dessert, but Micah went a little zombie cannibal on us…

018He thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world to pretend to eat his own arms and legs. Funny how the strangest things a kid does can be the cutest.  🙂

So all in all, not a terrible day but not a great one either. I really needed to get more greens into my system, so I’ll have to really pump up my veggie intake the rest of the week.

Did you eat anything fun today?

What’s you’re favorite (healthy) super fast meal for busy nights?