It’s been a really crazy week, which is why I haven’t been around much. We have quite a few reorganization projects in the works, so I’ll update you on our room changes as things get finished.

I’m most excited about my office. I work from home and school is going to start up again next month, so I’ve been planning on reorganizing my office for a while. I still have a little bit of final organizing to do, but we switched the placement of the desk and the bookshelves, and then took the hutch off the desk. I have to find another place for knick knacks now, but I can actually see the kids while I work and I have soooo much more space on my desk!


It makes Micah far less anxious that I’m at my desk with this setup because he doesn’t feel like I’m cut off from him.

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It also gives the office enough room for me to put Jonah on the floor while I’m working, and he’s close enough that it’s easy to keep an eye on him.

We also rearranged the living room, and got pretty much everything put away.

074There’s still a big box of stuff in the corner that we haven’t found places for yet, but it’s clean enough for guests so I’m happy for now. My kitchen is also the cleanest it’s been in a really long time…probably since we moved in. It’s not that it was super dirty, but we have a lot of small appliances that were cluttering the counter so one load of dishes looked like three or four. Now it’s just the toaster on the counter, and it feels so much bigger!

Other highlights from the week…


The hubby’s birthday…he doesn’t like cake so I make him a cookie cake with his favorite kind of cookies.


Cowboy cookies are kind of a mix between chocolate chip and oatmeal, and he absolutely loves them. 🙂


Jonah went swimming for the first time! This time last year Kinsey could barely swim at all and Micah wasn’t old enough to try, so it was really fun to watch them in the water again.

The hubby’s step-niece was baptized, and afterwards we sat in the sun for an hour taking family pics. That warranted something to cool us off…

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Everyone loves Bahama Bucks!


Even though it was a crazy week there was still some lounging around…nothing cuter than kiddos trying not to take a nap! 🙂


Now that things are calming down I won’t disappear for that long again.

Have you done anything exciting this week?