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Today was actually a pretty good day diet wise. With the Fourth of July last weekend I fell off the healthy eating bandwagon a bit and the beginning of this week I was having a bit of trouble getting back to normal portion sizes and curbing my sugar intake, so yesterday I stocked up on some fruits and veggies. We used our CSA bag way too fast this week — we were completely out of veggies with 3 days to go until our next pickup.

I work from home starting at 6 am, so breakfast was just some microwaved oatmeal. Micah’s still not sleeping through the night, so getting up early to make a complicated breakfast is just not happening right now.

For lunch I had leftover quinoa, veggies, and ground beef. Super yummy, and Micah was even willing to have some! He’s been super finicky lately so anytime I can get him to eat veggies I’m a happy mom.


I was really craving something fresh today, so I wound up having a salad as a snack…


and then another salad for dinner.


I may have gone a tiny bit overboard with the mango, but it really hit the spot. Salads with fruit in them are what summer is all about!

The holiday weekend also threw off my workouts a bit, but I still managed to get in a few.

Wednesday — off

Thursday — 1 hour martial arts class

Friday — 30 min martial arts class

Saturday — off

Sunday — off

Monday — off

Tuesday — 20 minute body-weight workout

Even though I didn’t wind up with any structured workouts over the weekend, we kept pretty active. I’m pretty sure I burned more calories at the Diamondbacks game than I did in all my other workouts combined, between carrying the boys around, running around the play area with them, and climbing up and down the stairs half a dozen times. It felt like I’d just finished a marathon! Overall, not the best week of workouts, but this week will be even better.

What was your favorite meal this week?