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Happy Fourth of July!



Even though the hubby and I both had to work we had the afternoon and evening off, so we spent it with the hubby’s family. We all had dinner together at Claim Jumper (a crazy proposition with 26 people, but still a blast) and then went to a Diamondbacks game.



Kinsey was super excited for the fireworks, but all Micah cared about was seeing Mickey Mouse at the game.



It only took 2 innings for Micah to get super restless, so I took the boys to the play area for most of the game. A squirmy toddler can be a little scary on the third level — so easy to slip and fall, and it’s really steep!



Kinsey spent some time with the hubby, but it didn’t take long before she missed the boys too much and came to join us. It was so cute seeing them race around the slide together! Kinsey even let him win a few times, which was extra sweet because she’s super competitive. I can’t wait for Jonah to be old enough to play with them, I really think they’ll be inseparable.



When the play area closed after the seventh inning I had three very sleepy kids on my hands, so we decided to head back to our seats for a rest. Jonah wasn’t super interested in the game, but he seemed to be having a good time anyway.



Micah was completely exhausted but trying really hard to stay awake like a big boy. He got a little bit hard to manage after that, and we were really happy that the game ended relatively quickly. Of course the Dbacks smashed the Rockies, so despite the cranky kiddos the adults were happy.

The night ended with a really incredible fireworks display set to patriotic music. I was really impressed with how long it went and the kids were absolutely mesmerized by it.



We had a little over an hour drive home after the game and all three kids slept the whole way. It was a little bit crazy, but it was really an amazing night. What could be better than family, fireworks, and baseball? 🙂

How did you spend your holiday weekend?