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This has been a pretty crazy week. The baby is teething so he hasn’t slept through the night in weeks, and Micah has been having some pretty serious sleep issues also. We talked to the pediatrician about it and he thinks that Micah is either having nightmares or night terrors. He still fights going to sleep like crazy, but now he’ll wake up once or twice a night completely hysterical and it takes a really long time to calm him down and get him back to sleep. I’m back to being a total mombie, so I’ve been napping when I can instead of writing or working out as much as I should be.



It’s a good thing they’re so cute! 🙂

Despite all that, I’ve still been able to (mostly) keep up with the challenge. I’ve only missed one day with Rosetta Stone, but I have to admit I’ve missed a couple more with the yoga. I wasn’t sure if I would really like the yoga, and even after 18 days I’m still not sure about it. I know all the benefits of stretching and being mindful of my body, but I have a really hard time slowing down enough to give the workouts the attention they deserve. A more active workout is just easier with the kids around. If I’m doing an Insanity workout and Micah wants to be underfoot, I can pick him up and keep going, get him to jump with me, or dance around with him for a second and keep my heart rate up. It doesn’t really affect how effective my workout is in the long run.

I haven’t found a way to include an energetic 2-year-old in a yoga workout — it just doesn’t work. He uses me as a bridge while I’m in downward dog, climbs on my back anytime I’m on my stomach, and tries to move my legs when I’m in any kind of balance pose. Since I start work at 6 am, the most realistic time to actually do yoga is after Micah goes to bed, but half the time I’m just too tired to make it all the way through (hence my missed days). I’m getting better at getting it done every day, so maybe I’ll feel differently about it by the end of my 30 days, but so far I think this is just the wrong time in my life to have yoga as a regular workout.

What have you found are the best at home workouts when you have young kids?