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A day in the life of a part-time worker and mom during an Arizona summer.

3:30am — I wake up to Jonah crying and realize I fell asleep writing on the couch last night.


At least the couch isn’t uncomfortable. I feed Jonah and put him to bed in the swing in my room instead of the crib so he doesn’t wake his brother up while I’m working. I crawl into bed and pass out.

4:15am — Wake up to hubby’s alarm, head downstairs to make his lunch and dinner since he’s working a double today. I set my alarm for 4:50am so I have enough time to workout and feed the baby again before work starts and pass out again.

6:20am — Open my eyes and realize the sky is WAY TOO LIGHT. Rush to my office and dial into work a half hour late, send apology emails. Grumble under my breath that I’m hungry and mad I haven’t worked out yet…not a great start to the day.

My messy office

My messy office

8:00am — I start my 15 minute break and grab Jonah to feed him really quickly. Thankfully he’s a pretty quick eater, and I have time to feed him a cuddle him for a minute before putting him down for another nap.

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I hate having to put him down again so quickly, so I try to squeeze in some playtime while I burp him. That face makes it so hard to go back to work!! After I put him down, I refill my water, grab a granola bar, and head back to the computer.

10:20am — I finally finish with my last customer and get off the phone. Miraculously both my kiddos are still sleeping, so I grab some chicken salad and leftover asparagus and start working on my Rosetta Stone lessons for the day.


10:45am — Micah finally wanders out of his room, but plays quietly in the loft and lets me finish 3 lessons.

11:00am — Micah walks a diaper and some wipes over to me and informs me that he’s pooped. I get him changed and we cuddle on the couch while he eats and watches Mortal Kombat.


He loves to watch the matches and talks about his Daddy every time someone starts to fight (the hubby teaches martial arts). Every time the Mortal Kombat music comes on we get up and dance together, and by the end of the movie I’m a little tired.

12:45pm — I realize I haven’t accomplished anything in two hours so I feed the baby and start to get ready to workout. Hard to be upset though, this goofy smile makes the time spent well worth it 🙂 I love that we can spend hours tossing a ball or racing around the playroom — he’s at that perfect age where he can entertain himself with almost any activity.


3:45pm — After two poop explosions, nursing 3 times (I wish he would eat more each time instead of snacking every hour), and a crazy nap time tantrum, I finally have both kids napping and I’m starting Insanity for the third time. Micah got to sleep in my bed so his tantrum didn’t wake the baby up, and he passed out pretty quickly once I put him in there. He really hates napping and sleeping in his own room even with Jonah to keep him company, and I have no idea why. I’m really hoping it’s a short phase…


4:30pm — Finished Insanity and started today’s Yoga.


5:00pm — Finished yoga and Fed Jonah and let him play while I got Micah ready to run some errands.


5:50pm — Finally get everyone in the car and head out. I’m completely starving so I pull out a healthy snack while we drive. I love snap peas!


6:20pm — We pick up our CSA fruits and veggies. (We were running behind so no picture, but if you’re in the Phoenix Metro Area you need to check out A Taste of Paradise on Facebook. They’re cheap and flexible, and I haven’t had any issues with any of produce. It’s the only CSA I’ve ever found that lets you substitute out veggies you don’t like for ones you do.

6:40pm — We make a quick stop at Target. Miraculously the kids stay calm and happy, even after a trip to the dressing room. We walk out with a new pair of workout pants for me and some Lara bars. Sadly, we don’t walk out with teething tablets — I can’t find them anywhere, every kid in this city must be teething right now 😦


8:00pm — We are finally home! I let Micah play while I feed Jonah, and then we get ready for bedtime. The hubby gets home after working a double and cuddles the kids for a few minutes while we read bedtime stories.


9:15pm — The kids are finally in bed, although Micah is still throwing a bit of a tantrum about it — he HATES bedtime. The hubby is already in bed (too many doubles this week) so I start working on this post and some freelance projects.

11:00pm (ish) — I pass out on the couch while writing. I really need to stop pushing it and get to bed earlier! The middle of the night feedings are obviously wearing me out.

It’s not super exciting, but that’s a typical summer day for me with the kids. Arizona is kind of the opposite of everywhere else, when it hits summer here everything is inside. I can’t wait for the fall so we can resume daily walks and visits to the park!