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Despite Garfield’s dread for them, I love Mondays. It’s the one day of the week I have off work and don’t have any other obligations. I can sleep in if the kids let me, I can lounge around the house and read or watch a movie, or I can spend the entire day having tickle fights and making toy cars go “vrooooom!”. It’s also a great day for chores and errands, and I feel like I got a lot done today 🙂 Plus my diet has been good despite the craziness so I’m feeling pretty energetic today. (Side note–if you want to see more of what I’ve been eating, check out my Instagram)

We even managed to squeeze in a guitar lesson…


and practice saying “Mommy” a couple dozen times!


One of my kids HAS to say Mommy before Daddy, it’s only fair! 😛

Sure, one load of dishes, two loads of laundry, and a trip to the grocery store don’t sounds like a ton of work, but I have a new cleaning philosophy that really helps get extra little things done even when I’m not cleaning. I just act like a good waitress — I never have empty hands. If I’m carrying an empty laundry basket downstairs, I’ll carry dishes to the sink, or dirty clothes to the laundry room. If I’m going downstairs to make lunch, I take down some trash. It sounds really basic and silly, but it’s been making a huge difference in how much spring cleaning I get done. My original timeline for that was a little overzealous, but I’m finally speeding up and checking things off of my list. On top of that, for the first time since Christmas my guest bed doesn’t have any clean laundry piled on it! I can’t even begin to express how much of a win that is…but now that I’m almost completely caught up on laundry I’m pretty sure I need to stock up on more hangars. 😛

I’ve decided to split June into weekly and monthly goals, because I’ve found that I go overboard with daily goals and wind up trying to squeeze too many things into each day. I actually got the idea from Morgan, and I love how it helps me keep the big picture in mind as I prioritize my daily tasks.

June Goals 

  • Write 18 freelance articles
  • Workout a minimum of 5 days per week (NOT including yoga)
  • finish my yoga and Rosetta Stone 30 day challenges
  • Have the entire house de-cluttered and ready for guests!
  • Stay caught up on laundry and dishes
  • Be under 170 pounds

Goals for the week of June 8th

  • Write 6 freelance articles
  • Get all remaining laundry washed and hung
  • Finish the kitchen — clean and put away counter top appliances, finish transferring food to new pantry, reorganize cabinets, clean the counters, stove, and microwave, mop the kitchen floor
  • Do yoga, Rosetta Stone, and Insanity EVERY DAY

I’ll let you know how the new system works out!

How do you prioritize your chores and stay on track? Do you have a specific way to keep yourself accountable?