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After I gave birth to Micah, I unconsciously adopted quite a few bad habits. I was still working full-time outside my home and going to school full-time, so I made a lot of excuses why about fast food was a necessary evil. I started working out again, but not as intensely or as often as I should have. Even when I was eating pretty well, the excuse of “well I’m breastfeeding, I need extra calories” brought my portion sizes to near ridiculous sizes. Of course, even though I started to regain my previous fitness level I didn’t lose very much of the baby weight.

I got pregnant again so quickly that it was easy to immediately start justifying the same habits in the name of “pregnancy cravings”. After I had Jonah I started exercising again pretty quickly, but even though I was making better food choices overall, I was still falling into a lot of the same mental traps as I did after having Micah. As you all know, I spent the last week on a very strict diet consisting mostly of veggies, fruits, and small amounts of meat/fish in an attempt to reprogram how I think about food and, once and for all, shed my destructive eating habits.

After my week long experiment, I have to say I feel great. At the beginning of May I realized I had put on 5 or 6 pounds despite my frequent workouts, completely as a result of over-sized portions and overly frequent poor food choices. After this week I found I had shed that 5 pounds plus some more, and I feel much better overall. I have more energy and fewer stomach issues than usual — it’s funny how you don’t always realize you have stomach issues at all until you get rid of them! As an added bonus, Jonah has been feeling better as well. Since he was born, he’s had a serious problem with an over abundance of mucous production and I’m constantly pulling huge chunks of snot out of his nose before he can breathe well enough to eat. The last three or four days I haven’t pulled a single booger out of his nose, and I know it must be because my diet is agreeing with him more.

I’m happy that even though my diet derailed for a few weeks, I’m still heading in the right direction…

Week 4 (Initial)                      Week 8                             Week 14

Weight — 177 pounds                 Weight — 175.8 pounds       Weight — 175

Waist — 40 inches                       Waist — 38 5/8 inches         Waist — 37 3/4 inches

Hips — 46 inches                         Hips — 45 1/4 inches           Hips — 44 1/2 inches

Thigh (R) — 23 inches                 Thigh (R) — 23 inches           Thigh (R) — 23 inches

I’ll be weighing in again in 4 weeks, and my goal is to be (at the very least) under 170. There are 12 weeks left before school starts again and my schedule gets extra crazy, so I want to make sure I have really good habits established by then so I don’t fall off the wagon. A healthy average for weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week, and if I assume the average of 1.5 pounds per week I should be able to make it to 157 pounds before school starts. I feel like the last week has put me in the best place possible mentally to make that happen, and I’m just excited to be back on the right track. My birthday is in January, and my birthday present to myself is to be under 140 and back into pants with zippers and buttons again! Maternity pants aren’t nearly as comfortable as they used to be, I can’t wait to ditch elastic waistbands for good 🙂