I haven’t talked a lot about my eating habits since starting my DietBet, mostly because they aren’t something I’m proud of. I’ve been working out consistently and eating at least one huge salad most days, but my total food intake is just way too high. I’m also finding myself sneaking sugary snacks when my husband isn’t home and hoping he doesn’t notice. I think that was the last straw for me, realizing that I was secretly eating junk food like a 5 year old that robbed the cookie jar. Definitely not normal!

I think the real issue is that I didn’t really regulate my eating habits at all when I was pregnant, and some of those bad habits can be hard to break. Every time I passed a Sonic I would get mozzarella sticks (HEAVEN!), I probably ate gallons of the fry sauce at Freddy’s, I drank thousands of diet sodas, and dessert often happened with every meal of the day. The craziness of working, going to school, being pregnant, and the kids led to a lot of fast food crud being shoveled into my face. Obviously these were really poor choices, and getting back to making good choices regularly is a lot harder than I expected.

My current obsession with food related documentaries made me realize that I’m in desperate need of detoxing my body. The effect of large amounts of processed sugars and fats on the body is almost narcotic, and I need to break this cycle right away to put an end to my self destructive habits. At the same time I need to be very careful, because most doctors don’t recommend a detox while breastfeeding, especially one involving heavily reduced calories because it can affect my milk supply and what nutrients the baby is actually getting. As much as I would love to do a week long juice fast, as a nursing mom that just isn’t a safe way for me to detox. Instead I’m going to juice three times a day for the next week, but also eat salads, beans, quinoa, and maybe the occasional fish. My hope is that after a week of eliminating dairy, processed carbs/sugar, and most meat my body will reset it’s baseline for what it craves.

It feels good to stop making excuses and take action instead! 🙂