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What do you do when your toddler needs a bath but you have no other time to workout? Simple…


You put the toddler in the tub, Insanity on the counter, and workout in the doorway of the bathroom. Sure it’s a little cramped and I almost fell down the stairs a few times, but the toddler is safe and clean and I’m crazy sweaty and tired so I’m calling it a win! 🙂

It was a pretty productive day today. I got the kids bathed, some laundry washed, some freelance articles written, and I managed an Insanity workout AND a run. I even managed to squeeze an errand into my run and return some Redbox movies I’ve had for almost a week.

The kids had a lot of little victories today too. Jonah is now sitting up in his bouncer and actually enjoying it! Micah also taught him how great it can feel to share toys. 😛


Micah learned some new words today, including Mickey Mouse, clock, and duck, and he started randomly singing Old McDonald on his own. We sing that in Nursery at church every week, but he’s never made an attempt at singing it before today — it was adorable!

Micah also carried me Kinsey’s old potty chair a few times today, so he’s starting to ask to sit on the potty! We made a half dozen trips today, and even though we didn’t actually have any success with going to the bathroom in the potty I’m excited that he’s taking this much initiative already. He’s SUPER proud of himself, and I can’t wait to see how excited he gets the first time he actually goes to the bathroom in the potty! Potty training and sleep training at the same time should make for a very interesting summer, but at least life is never boring.

Kinsey also had her dance recital last week, and we’re so proud of her! She loves dancing so much, and watching her brings back so many old memories of my own dancing days. It’s so awesome watching all of her hard work pay off!

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I really loved her costume this year too. Not that there was anything wrong with her other ones, but this one just screamed springtime and it made her look so grown up! I don’t even know how I’m going to handle her being in kindergarten this year, time is just flying by.

It feels great to get a jump start on the week, especially since there’s only 8 more days until my next weigh-in. I’m going to win that jackpot!