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We managed to cram a lot of fun into just a few days this weekend. It started out with a school fundraiser for Kinsey’s friend, so I wound up at Peter Piper Pizza for a few hours with 3 kids. Thank goodness for double strollers! Seat belts don’t just keep kids safe, they keep mom’s sane and prevent squirmy toddlers from escaping and running off.



There were fun activities for the kids, and even though Kinsey lost the dough stretching and ice cream eating contests, she had a blast. After pizza the kids wanted to use their coins, and Kinsey did her best to keep Micah entertained.



First she taught him how to drive the little car and make it jump….



Then she let him do it himself, even though he definitely didn’t win her any tickets.



Of course it’s a bit more time before she can teach him to ride the motorcycle, but it made him smile to watch Kinsey have fun. When she was Micah’s age the hubby used to take her on the same game, and it was nostalgic to see her old enough to do it herself. She’s gotten older way too fast!

On Saturday my in-laws took us all to the Diamondbacks game, and we had a great time even though we lost in extra innings. The kids never stay still during the games, so around the 3rd inning I took them up to the Sandlot.





Kinsey helped Micah with the slide because it was pretty steep, and by the time we left she had him confident enough to go down himself.



He cracked up every time she caught him at the bottom! It’s always so nice to let them be crazy for a while, because I don’t think they’ll be able to sit still through a four-hour game anytime soon.





After they were all tuckered out we sat down and had some snacks together — Kinsey always picks cotton candy at a ballgame!



The extra innings had us there an extra hour and a half, but the kids managed it really well. The adults weren’t so happy though — if the DBacks are going to make a miraculous 9th inning comeback they could at least have the courtesy to win instead of playing 4 extra innings just to lose…just saying!

It was a crazy weekend, but I love getting to spend so much time having fun with my family 🙂