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This week was not as successful as I was hoping for. My husband was out-of-town for work, and on top of the Micah developed croup halfway through the week. The poor kiddo is still coughing his brains out even with steroids, so I’ve been up half the night with him all week. I’ve gotten a bit behind on my jogging because Micah hasn’t felt up to sitting in the stroller and I didn’t have anyone at home to sit with him. Even though most of my free time was spent cuddling the kids, I was able to squeeze in some workouts though, so here’s the week’s recap…

Monday — T25; walk/jog 1.48 miles

Tuesday — T25

Wednesday — 1.24 miles

Thursday — off

Friday — off

Saturday — walk/jog 1.32 miles

Sunday — walk .42 miles

Marathon April Total — 17.04 miles

This means I have 9.16 miles to finish in the next four days, so I’m going to have to step up my mileage a notch and average 2.3 miles per day for the rest of the month. This is actually perfect timing though, because tomorrow I’m starting a DietBet! I just discovered DietBet this week when a few Facebook friends invited me to join the challenge. Essentially, I pay $10 to join the challenge, and if I lose 4% of my body weight in the next 4 weeks I split the pot with anyone else that hit their goal. Money is always a good motivator, so I thought this would be an extra kick in the pants for me to clean up my eating more and take my workouts to the next level! I’m also starting a food diary — something I should have done ages ago but I’ve been lazy about it. Writing down everything I eat is kind of hassle, but it’ll be worth it in the end! 🙂

What are your goals for May? Are you already ready for summer?