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Today I stumbled upon an absolutely fantastic website. I’ve worked out watching TV plenty of times, but I’ve never actually sat down and created a workout based on a movie. If I’d ever thought to Google movie workouts I probably would have discovered this years ago, but there is someone out there who writes and shares workouts for dozens of movies and TV shows! I’m trying to run most days this month, but there are still days that just doesn’t happen. T25 and Insanity are still great options for me, but since I workout in the TV room, movie/TV workouts on occasion would be nice for my family. Check it out!



I watch Scrubs while I’m doing homework all the time — now I have another excuse to watch it!

I’m happy to say that this week has started off with a bang. I managed double workouts on Sunday, a T25 workout while the kids napped and a 1.32 mile walk in the evening. Micah has really gotten attached to our evening walks already; he asks for them every night now. It’s pretty hot here and I don’t want the kids to get too much sun, so we always go about an hour before sunset, and Micah absolutely loves watching the sky get dark and the stars come out. He talks about the stars for the entire walk — I just wish I understood more than half of what he’s trying to say. I love that I’m finally starting to set a good example for the kids, and watching his cute little face light up as I pile them into the stroller is so motivating!



Tonight I piled them into the stroller again (in their almost matching monster hood sweatshirts — how adorable is that??) and we managed 1.34 miles before Jonah got hungry and started to meltdown a bit. I was hoping to go a bit further, but I’ll settle for just staying on track today. We’ll try for a longer walk again tomorrow!

I need to write updates on each of the babies — they’re both growing so fast! Micah is learning new words every day, and he understands nearly everything I say to him. It’s so amazing to see the little wheels in his head turning while he figures something out, or how happy he is when I figure out what he’s trying to say to me. He’s started imitating me the last few days in ways that are both adorable and a little odd. He’s started stealing my nursing pads while I’m feeding the baby and tries to stick them to his belly inside his shirt. He’s also started putting balls inside his shirt and walking around with a cute little pot belly. It’s so funny what kids notice…


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He’s also trying really hard to take care of Jonah by himself — putting his binky in his mouth, rocking the swing or the bassinet, even throwing things at him so he learns to catch and poking him in the eyes to teach Jonah where his eyes are. It’s a work in progress, but he’s come a long way in 7 weeks. Watching Kinsey help with him has really made an impression on Micah and even though he can be rough with Jonah, it’s obvious that he’s trying really hard to be a helpful big brother. I feel so blessed to have such loving and good-natured children!

How are your workouts going this week? What is your plan to finish the week strong?