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Friday was a huge day for Kinsey — we all went to see Disney on Ice, and she was so excited she was nearly vibrating all day! My in-laws and all of the kids came with us, so we piled everyone into two SUVs and headed out to Phoenix. The hubby and I grabbed Jamba Juice for dinner on our way there, and I wound up in the back seat with the kids. It’s a pretty long drive, so I got an large smoothie and shared with Micah and Kinsey — I kept the wheatgrass  for myself though, since I was hoping that it would help get my stomach the rest of the way back to normal. Thankfully, Jonah slept the whole way. I’m always nervous when we take him on long drives because Micah was TERRIBLE in the car until he was old enough to face forward, and I never know whether or not a car ride will be a disaster. 


The kids loved the show, and I really enjoyed it too. My favorite part was from Toy Story 3. There were several parts where people had to interact with the toys, and I love the way they managed to make the size differences work on the ice!


Surprisingly, Micah actually sat through the whole thing and loved it, and Jonah stayed happy the whole time — it was a miracle!

I haven’t been very active since being sick, so I decided to do two workouts Saturday to finish out the week strong. After work I spent some time with Micah, but he was exhausted so he went down for an early nap. I fed Jonah and let him play in his boppy while I did a T25 workout, Total Body Circuit. I was both pleasantly surprised and mildly disappointed with my strength levels — my abs are completely gone (although that was expected) and my triceps are non-existent, but I barely had to modify any of the other exercises so my legs are still pretty strong. Of course, it helped to have this cute face cheering me on! He’s so adorably chunky 🙂


Considering everything that happened this week, I’m really happy that I still managed to work out three times. It’s not what I was hoping for, but it could have been much worse.

Sunday — 1.3 mile walk/jog

Monday — T25 Ab Intervals

Tuesday — off

Wednesday — sick

Thursday — sick

Friday — off

Saturday — T25 Total Body Circuit, 1.75 mile walk/jog

Marathon April Total — 3.05 miles

Obviously this is a bit of a slow start, but I know I can still make it. I have to average 1.3 miles per day for the rest of the month which is completely doable.  I’m going to aim to do more than that daily so I can take at least two or three rest days by the end of the month. I’m feeling a bit sore already, especially in my joints, and I don’t want to injure myself by pushing too hard too fast after so much time off. I do have to say, it feels amazing to be sore — I’ve missed this!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

How are you doing with Marathon April?