It’s been an interesting weekend for the whole family. I’ve come down with a killer cold, so between that and lack of sleep I’m about as useful as a zombie. Micah seems to have caught it too, the poor boy is just a cranky mess with a super runny nose. Kinsey has managed to stay healthy so far, but she’s been having issues with her ears so she’s not allowed to spin or be upside down for a few more weeks — pretty hard pill to swallow for a 5-year-old dancer with endless energy. Thankfully, the baby and the hubby have managed to stay healthy, but being home with the kids while feeling awful has made me just about the least fun mommy ever this weekend…

We started off pretty well. After poor Micah got his shots we decided to take the kids someplace special (and surprisingly cheap!) for lunch to help brighten his day. A new place had just opened next to his doctor’s office, so we decided to give it a try and we were pleasantly surprised!



Pizza Pie Cafe is a fun pizza/pasta/salad buffet (similar to Cici’s or Peter Piper Pizza), but with more variety and more healthy options than I’ve seen at the other local places. We all started off with salad, and I was immediately impressed with the salad bar. Sure, it’s not a world-class salad bar, but most pizza places out here call iceberg lettuce with cheese and croutons a salad so it was a nice change.



Even Micah ate some salad…



He usually prefers to throw salad at me, but he didn’t seem to mind some of the veggies. The pizza was good and they had a bunch of varieties I’d never heard of before. My favorite had potato slices, cheese, and bacon on it — it tasted just like potato skins! Then I had to have a small veggie slice to keep the Italian in me happy — I love it when the slices are kid sized so you can try a couple of varieties without feeling stuffed!

And of course, what pizza buffet would be complete without dessert pizza? The four of us split a slice of Oreo pizza, a slice of cookie dough pizza, and a cinnamon sugar stick. I couldn’t pick a favorite, but Micah and the hubby definitely preferred the Oreo!




Jonah wasn’t super impressed, so he just slept in my lap the whole time. I can’t get enough of that cute face!


After lunch, we decided to take a trip to Build-A-Bear to keep a tradition alive. Each of our kids has gotten a Build-A-Bear dog within a few weeks of being born, and Kinsey has gotten really attached to the tradition. She got to help stuff Jonah’s new dog, and she had each of us kiss a heart to put inside it too. Micah was far less interested in the whole process, but at least he didn’t get jealous or steal the dog.




Of course, when we got home we needed to get a picture of all three dogs together — the boys didn’t want to cooperate so Kinsey wrangled all three of them herself.



She’s such a big helper! There are days when having all three kids by myself can be a little overwhelming, but she does so much to help keep Micah entertained when Jonah needs my full attention! It was especially helpful this weekend with me feeling sick — the kids were able to play together and watch some movies while I vegged on the couch with a box of tissues and a huge bag of cough drops. Not the most entertaining weekend, but at least they got some quality time together. The days Kinsey is here are about a million times easier than the days she’s not, and she’s only 5…I have a feeling that in a year or two those 3 kiddos are going to entertain each other pretty much full-time and life is going to be a whole lot less hectic. I can hope anyway!

Do you have any traditions you’ve started with your newborn kids?