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I’ve known a few women who loved being pregnant. They were glowing, amazing goddesses walking around at 37 weeks in 4 inch heels with their makeup and nails perfectly done–a magical pregnancy unicorn (I stole that phrase from a movie, but I wish it was mine). I am NOT one of these women. It’s a pretty special day if I trade in my yoga pants for jeans, or if I actually manage some eyeliner and a hairstyle other than a ponytail you can expect that I’m entertaining foreign dignitaries or royalty. Thankfully though, all things eventually come to an end, and I’m so happy to announce that as of last Friday we have a gorgeous, healthy baby boy!


I owe you all his birth story (coming this weekend, I promise!), but for now I’m just going to share a picture of my amazing family!


I have never felt more happy and blessed!