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I’m baking pretty much the only thing I know I won’t burn….

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We are super excited to announce that I’m pregnant!

I want to thank you all for being patient with me during my recent disappearance. “Morning” sickness has been pretty much nonstop for three weeks, so it’s been a bit of a challenge to find time to write–too much time spent with my head in a trash can or a toilet! I was counting on feeling okay in the evenings, but the nausea hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s supposed to be a morning thing. It finally seems like the nausea is calming down though, so I’m back!

My due date is February 26th, which makes me just over 8 weeks right now. So….baby is now the size of a raspberry, has little webbed fingers and toes, and is beginning to differentiate which sex he/she will be — even though we won’t be able to tell for about 10 more weeks. Big Sister is pulling for a girl (or twins, one boy and one girl), but the hubby is hoping for another boy. I think I might be too — the age difference is so little between the new baby and Baby Boy, and it would be awesome if they wound up being really close.

I know a lot of you are curious about my workouts as well. Despite my lack of posting I’ve still been working out, although not quite as often as I should be. I have to admit that the nausea and fatigue has made it much harder to get moving at 4am, and some days I just can’t do it. I’m still working out at least 3 days a week though, and I’m still aiming for 6. As long as I still feel okay when I get home today, I’ll be restarting Week 4 of Insanity and continuing the program. Of course I’m not expecting to lose weight now, but since I’m still overweight from Baby Boy I need to limit my weight gain to avoid certain issues (like gestational diabetes). The best part is, my midwife is on board with me continuing to workout intensely as long as I feel okay and stay hydrated. Once I really start to show I’ll need to start modifying, but until then I’m going to let Shaun T kick my butt every day!

Of course there’s not much of a point in posting my weigh-ins right now, but I’ll keep measuring everything except chest and waist every couple of weeks. I would still like to make changes in the rest of my body over the next 7 months, I’m just trying to be realistic about what’s healthy and what’s not. Baby is more important that skinny jeans!

How did your workouts change while you were pregnant? How did you maintain your fitness and physique while gaining a healthy amount of weight?