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I was super nervous about the weigh-in this morning. I feel a lot better and my workouts are getting easier, but I don’t feel any change in how my clothes fit so I was concerned I wouldn’t have any measurable results. I think I’ve done really well the last two weeks, but I was far from perfect. Starting a workout program this intense has made me hungry ALL THE TIME, and even though I’m trying to limit calorie intake and make good choices, I haven’t always been successful.

I’ve had some major successes — I’ve nearly eliminated diet sodas and energy drinks, I’m eating double the veggies I was before, and I’m overall making good food choices. I’m getting more sleep than usual, taking vitamins twice a day, and drinking at least half a gallon of water a day, usually a gallon. It’s not flawless, but I’m proud of how much I’ve changed my habits in the last 3 weeks.

Week 3 (June 23)             Week 1 (June 9)

Switch Kicks — 90               Switch Kicks — 62

Power Jacks — 43               Power Jacks — 30

Power Knee — 121             Power Knee –117

Power Jumps — 22             Power Jumps — 18

Globe Jumps — 9                Globe Jumps — 7

Suicide Jumps — 13            Suicide Jumps — 12

Push-up Jacks — 14           Push-up Jacks — 12

Low Plank Oblique — 38     Low Plank Oblique — 40

Chest — 39                         Chest — 38 5/8

Waist — 35 1/2                   Waist — 35 3/4

Hips — 42 1/2                      Hips — 42 1/8

Thigh — 22 3/4                   R Thigh — 22 3/4

Calf — 13 1/2                     R Calf — 13 1/2

Arm — 12 3/4                      R Arm — 12 3/4

As you can see, my fitness level has increased dramatically in the last two weeks — but my measurements have barely moved at all. That’s a little bit discouraging, but I’m not going to let that derail me. I’ve never been a big fan of counting calories because I don’t believe it’s a sustainable lifestyle long-term, but I’m going to start tracking everything I eat for the next few weeks. While I was pregnant and nursing I got used to eating more calories than normal, and I think I need to re-calibrate my internal gauge of how much I should be eating. Hopefully after about a month of counting calories I’ll be able to better judge proper portion sizes just by sight and how I feel. I’ll weigh in again in two weeks and see if having a more strict diet is what I’m missing right now — I’m hoping to see some major progress by then!

Are you reaching your fitness goals? What have you noticed about your program that’s not working, or that you need to change?