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In the spirit of trying to keep my weekend success going, I got up bright and early Monday morning to start 60 days of Insanity. I was pretty cranky when my alarm went off, but I was determined to finally get my butt in gear. I was exhausted and sore but I wasn’t about to skip my first day, and as we all know, if you wait until after work it’s probably not going to happen. Day 1 was the Fit Test; eight different exercises done for one minute to assess and track your fitness level throughout the program. My results are not very impressive, but this is just where I’m starting–in a few weeks I bet I can double these numbers!

Switch Kicks — 62

Power Jacks — 30

Power Knee –117

Power Jumps — 18

Globe Jumps — 7

Suicide Jumps — 12

Pushup Jacks — 12

Low Plank Oblique — 40

As I said, not super impressive, but at least it’ll be easy to beat these numbers next time! I also took measurements again, and although they haven’t moved much I was surprised to notice I’ve lost nearly an inch in my legs! I guess the squats are starting to pay off.

Chest — 38 5/8

Waist — 35 3/4

Hips — 42 1/8

R Thigh — 22 3/4

R Arm — 12 3/4

R Calf — 13 1/2

Between working out and a few too many freelance projects this week, somehow it’s already Saturday night (or Sunday morning if you prefer), so I’m just going to give an overall update for the week. Overall, I’m really proud of myself for staying on track…and I’m SORE. Holy WOW I’m so sore I can’t even think of an accurate way to describe it. My legs are more sore than pretty much anything else, especially my calves — I’d forgotten how much of a difference jumping makes! All joking aside, I really do feel good. I’m stronger, I can feel my endurance coming back, I’m managing stress a little better, and I need caffeine less. I also managed a short run this week and (for the first time since I was about 3 months pregnant) I had the energy to keep running even after I ran out of time. I’m so excited to start running regularly again!

I said previously that I was going to be doing two-a-days 3 days a week with both Insanity and the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge, but I have to admit that didn’t happen this week. I completed all my Insanity workouts, but I was so sore that I just didn’t have the energy at night to do another workout. I feel a lot better though, and I’m going to start the double workouts this week — Insanity Monday through Friday, and Bikini Body Mommy Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m also going to try to run with the kids one or two nights a week, but that will depend on the weather. Even after dark here it’s still 100 degrees, so I have to be careful about how long I let them stay outside. I really want to establish healthy patterns for them though, and I think evening runs/bike rides are a great way to start. It’s so much easier to just watch a movie together, but I think that getting outside is just better for all of us. And of course, you get to take odd sweaty pictures of your kids during drink stops — they make the best faces!


Big Sister is tired and Baby Boy is trying to figure out why I’m shining a super bright light in his eyes 😛

I’m super pumped to head into week 2 of Insanity — I can take whatever Shaun T can dish out!

How were your workouts this week? What successes/struggles did you have?