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It’s been a very productive morning! I got up at 5 when the hubby left for work and got started on some freelance writing projects. I managed to finish a 1000 word rewrite before the kids began to stir, and then I paused to make some breakfast. I took some leftover stir-fry (ground beef, broccoli, red beans, onions, rice) and added some eggs and a tiny bit of cheese. Fast and super yummy!



After I turned in my writing, I took a break and spent some quality time with the kids. These adorable faces remind me why it’s all worth it–I love being a mommy!


We managed to get a few errands done, and I even discovered that my steering wheel can be used as a teether! I absolutely love this face… (for the record, this was taken in a parking lot — NOT while driving)

steering wheel

Now that the kids are going down for naps, it’s time to get back to writing. I’m working on two books simultaneously, so when I have writer’s block with one, I just move on to the other one. I haven’t decided if I like writing that way yet, but I’m afraid I’m going to forget all my ideas for the second book before I finish the first so I’m giving it a try.

Other plans for today include trying to get through the next Bikini Body Mommy workout (fingers crossed that my heel lets it happen!), laundry, and cleaning up the kitchen. I’ll update you on progress tonight!

Are you all having a productive weekend so far?