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Well, yesterday was Day 15 of the Bikini Body Mommy challenge, and my first weigh in. I was a little bit worried, because with Easter candy all over the house I haven’t been completely on the wagon this last week. All in all though, I still see progress, even though the scale has only moved a little bit.

Starting:                                                                 April 23rd (Two weeks)

Weight — 162 pounds                                              Weight — 160.4 pounds

Bust — 39″                                                             Bust — 39 3/4″

Waist — 36″                                                            Waist — 35 1/2″

Hips — 41 1/2″                                                        Hips — 42 1/2″

Thigh (7″ above knee) — 23 3/4″                             Thigh — 23 1/2″

Arm circumference — 12″                                         Arm — 12 1/2″

As you can see, there are some losses and some gains — this is something that always frustrated me when I was a personal trainer, because I had clients that would make a lot of improvements, and in the first few weeks really see no change on the scale or with their measurements even though it was obvious that their bodies were changing. As a result, I tried to help my clients focus on their strength and stamina gains, and how they were feeling — not on the scale. Especially for women, this can be hard — we feel an enormous pressure to be fit and trim, and we tend to be much more emotional about our bodies than men.

I am trying to make a conscious decision every day to think positive thoughts about my body and where it’s going, rather than beating myself up about the fact that I’m still wearing maternity jeans (and then having a cupcake to make me feel better about it). I am really happy that my waist and thighs are getting smaller, because they are two of my biggest problem areas right now, but I’m a little frustrated that my hips have gained an inch — I  have no idea how I lost inches above and below my hips, but gained there. My arms getting a little bigger is no big deal to me right now, because I know I’ve put a lot of muscle on them in the last two weeks (can we say pushups?) and arms are going to be one of the last places I lose fat. My bust I’m also not going to stress — I’ve only just stopped breastfeeding in the last month, so I’m really used to pretty big changes in that area (and hormones are still playing a big role in which bra I fit into on which day). Really my only frustrations are my hips and that the scale barely moved at all — I was hoping for 1.5 – 2 pounds per week. Of course, with Easter right in the middle of the last two weeks, this is probably exactly in line with my eating and workout habits — I did pretty well, but I did have some Easter candy, and I skipped two of my workouts.

My next weigh in will be May 7th, and I am re-committing to clean eating and 5-6 weekly workouts. I know I can do this, and I know you can too — let’s see some really big changes in two weeks!

How did you all do with your weigh in? I want to hear about your progress!