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I’m not sure what possessed me to add sweet potato and cottage cheese to my eggs this morning, but I definitely give this odd combination two thumbs up! Baby Boy is taking a nap, so I’m hoping to follow up my healthy breakfast with a serious sweat session.

I haven’t brought up religion in the past, mostly because that seems to be a topic that causes a crazy amount of arguing and name-calling, but I feel the need to talk just a tiny bit about it today. Today is the 184th General Conference, where the church leadership teaches to anyone around the world who wants to watch/listen. It’s available on TV as well as on the internet, which is where I watch it.

I attend church every Sunday, and I teach the 5 year old Sunday School class. Because the hubby has to work Sundays (unfortunately), this is something I do by myself. Big Sister attends her own Sunday School class, but there is no one to watch Baby Boy for me while I wrangle 8-10 5 year olds and try to teach them about the Gospel. As a result, there are some weeks that I REALLY want to pull the covers over my head and “accidentally” sleep through church. Don’t get me wrong, my kids are all super sweet, and I love them all, but 5 year olds are not the easiest age group to teach anything–there is just no getting rid of the wiggles with these kids. Add to that the fact that Baby Boy has recently become VERY mobile, and class winds up being a workout like no other.

What I realized today as I was watching Conference is that I’ve let going to church start to feel like a burden instead of a blessing. Conference has always been something I look forward to–not only do I get to hear the Gospel taught by some of the most spiritual people on the planet, but I get to listen from home in my pj’s. I can let Baby Boy crawl around, he can nap when he needs to, and if he has a tantrum I can pause conference until I can calm him down. There is just no downside! As I was wishing that church could always be this easy, I realized that the insanity of church every Sunday has a different purpose than the calm of Conference. I may not be able to see God’s plan for me, but I have learned over 33 long years that even when things seem completely pointless to me, that there is always a purpose. I need to remember how important it is to raise children properly before I look at teaching young children as a burden. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to be a better teacher moving forward, and positively affect each of my kids, at least in some small way.

I’m just super grateful that I found the Church a few years ago…listening to Conference reminds me of all the blessings I have, and helps me get back on the right path to grow closer to God. I feel so happy and peaceful right now!

Well, I’m going to go workout before the second session of Conference at 1…lets see how much of a sweat I can work up in 45 minutes! Happy Sunday!