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It’s still 80 degrees out, but I just got home from ice skating. Gotta love Arizona!

It’s been a crazy day. We woke up from our “slumbover” (Big sister’s new name for a sleepover/slumber party) and enjoyed the sort of lazy morning where you re-watch the movie from the night before and munch on all the seriously unhealthy snacks that you never put away before you went to bed. This was far nicer than the actual sleepover, which involved squishing two adults and a four year old onto a bunch of couch cushions with a memory foam thrown on top. Funny what can be worth it just to see the look on a four year old’s face.

After the kids went down for naps, the hubby decided out of nowhere that we should go ice skating today. Sooo….we piled the kids in the car, drove 45 minutes, and were too late for the afternoon skating session. He was undeterred, and found us a restaurant in the area to kill some time until the evening session. We try to eat at new places pretty often, so he picked a brand new restaurant called Joy Ride Taco House. Short story — it was awesome. I had a burrito with grilled squash and veggies and a little bit of cheese, and it was light but delicious. One caveat — if you’re looking for traditional greasy Mexican food smothered in cheese and sour cream, this is not the place for you. This is more of a Mexican restaurant meets the California healthy scene–super unique flavors, but a lot of grilled veggies and fresh fruit. Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for after a seriously naughty morning food wise.


After dinner, we killed another hour, and then (to the great relief of Big sister) finally arrived at the skating rink for her very first attempt at ice skating! She was super nervous, but she took to the ice like an Eskimo.


After not even 20 minutes she was asking us to back off and let her do it herself, and she recovered fast from her falls. I am so proud of her I could just burst! She was a little sad that Baby boy couldn’t get on the ice yet, but she’s promised to teach him when he’s old enough. I was a bit surprised at how well everyone did — hubby is a native of Arizona so I was expecting a “Cool Runnings” sort of fiasco. Turns out he’s actually better than I am, and Big sister learned faster than any kid I knew in New York. Hubby and I alternated watching the kids while the other skated, so we each got a decent workout in. My ankles and shins are more sore than anything else, so I’ll have to follow it up with a more intense workout tomorrow. I’m thinking an early run and some intense arms and abs…and then homework pretty much the rest of the day. Can’t wait to graduate!

What are your workout plans for tomorrow? What’s your plan to make sure your workout actually happens?