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Well, it looks like Baby boy is taking well to the Baby Led Weaning–although the floor ate a little bit better than he did last night. Just in one attempt, his hand eye coordination was improving visibly — it took a bit for the food to actually start making it into his mouth. It was great for me and the hubby too though, because we got to relax a bit and do some homework while Baby boy ate. It takes so much effort for parents to spoon feed a struggling baby, and there just isn’t any way to multitask. Instead, Baby is happier because he’s eating at his own pace and having fun with it, and we’re happy because we can interact with him, but also get other things done (or actually eat as a family without one of us feeding him instead of ourselves). I don’t mean to make it sound like feeding him is a pain–I love everything about having a baby! There’s just no way to deny that he’s advanced enough for this, and it happens to be nice for us as well as great for him. I took a break from work to have lunch with the family today, and Baby Boy polished off part of a piece of broccoli and about 1/4 of a banana (between him and his shirt) — he has really taken to real food! Although rather than letting him feed himself, we helped him a lot to keep from making a huge mess. That didn’t help as much as I hoped though, and we ended our meal with me changing his outfit so I could get the banana off his cute little tummy. Big sister got a HUGE kick out of the whole process, and she is super excited that he’s growing up so fast. She keeps telling him that he’s almost as big as her, like she’s coaching him to grow just a little bit faster. 😛

On another note, today is my Friday and I want to do a crazy happy dance for the weekend! I have an absolute ton of homework to catch up on, and I’m so excited to actually get to spend time with my family! I think I’m going to wind up dropping one of my classes this semester. I just have too much going on with work and the family to manage 17 credits, and it’s showing in how far behind I’ve gotten. Up to this point, I’ve maintained above a 4.0 every semester, but I already have a B- in one class so I think that will be dropping for now. Trying to be superwoman and tackling all of this stuff at one time really just makes this Mommy cranky, overwhelmed, and behind on everything. Now I just need to remember how I feel right now when I register for classes next semester….easier said than done!