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Lunch and snacks for work today….isn’t it funny how nothing looks really appetizing in Tupperware?


Since my last post, I have almost completely stopped breastfeeding baby boy. I’m sad about it, but taking prednisone just killed my milk supply, and (unfortunately) I just don’t have the time during my workday to pump enough to get it back to where it would need to be to sustain him. I’m trying to make peace with that and stop feeling like an awful mother, but guilt runs deep for me, so it’s a process.

The one good thing that has come of this is that I’m much more focused on getting baby boy into eating solids, mostly because I hate the idea of him eating so much processed formula. My little chunker is eating 8 ounces at a sitting at 7 months! (and he’s not overweight, his pediatrician says he’s on the low side of normal for weight — he’s just super active and really tall) While I was breastfeeding, it was really hard to take the time to feed baby boy, and then more time to feed him actual baby food. Between work and homework, it was nearly impossible to actually do all of that!

We’ve been using about half Gerber baby food, and about half organic food pouches, and baby boy has been really interested in eating, but he just doesn’t seem to be loving the purees. Thankfully, I saw a post from another blogger (Caitlin at healthytippingpoint.com) that introduced me to Baby Led Weaning. I’d never heard of this before, but there seems to be a lot of evidence supporting it, and I don’t see many people who’ve had bad experiences with it. The idea is that babies should learn to feed themselves, not be fed — this can help regulate appetite and make babies better eaters later in life. It also generally lets babies enjoy mealtime a lot more. Rather than shoving pureed artichokes and spinach into baby boys mouth, I would just put some super soft, easily digestible fruits and veggies on his tray and let him figure it out. Since his main nutrition should be coming from milk still, it’s not a big deal if most of it ends up on the floor the first few weeks, and it lets the whole family actually eat together for a change!

I’m really excited to try this when I get home today…Baby boy is already trying to take his spoon away from me and get his hands in the baby food, so I’m guessing he’ll take to this really well. I have a few reservations about the possibility of choking, but he needs to learn to eat at some point, and I know infant CPR just in case. I’m looking forward to giving you updates on this — I really believe that it will be a big hit with the whole family.

Has anyone had experience with Baby Led Weaning, especially if you also have experience with a more traditional introduction to solid foods?