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Now that I’ve been on these medications for 2 days, I’m starting to feel a little more human–if it wasn’t for the coughing fits I would say that I’m mostly better. The only problem with the cough is once I start coughing, I have trouble stopping, and the last three days it’s ended in some pretty gross vomiting. After a day of movies and lounging around with the family I was really itching to move at least a little, but I had to figure out a way to sneak in a workout without irritating my throat or lungs. So, here’s my less than strenuous “I can’t hit an intensity that affects my breathing at all” workout for the evening.


Yes, using just a boppy and exercise bands, you too can get a super mild workout in!

Superset — 3 sets of 12

Standing chest press

Rear Deltoid Row

Superset — 3 sets of 12

Standing chest flye

Standing Row

Superset — I gave out after 1 set of 12

Kneeling hamstring curls *

Straight leg lifts

*The kneeling hamstring curls are something I’ve loved since I heard of them. In general, I always did them in the gym on the lat pulldown machine with a medium exercise ball. You kneel on the seat facing away and tuck your ankles under the knee supports. Then, holding the exercise ball in your hands and keeping your body (from your knees to your head) in a straight line, you start to lower yourself towards the ground. When your hamstrings finally give out, the ball keeps you from braining yourself on the ground, and even gives you a little bounce to help you pull yourself back up to the starting position. If you’re strong enough, you shouldn’t have to bring your butt back to do this. If you’re even stronger, you can use your landing position to do a push-up before you bring yourself back up again too. I modified this to do in my house, but it was the same idea, minus the ball to catch me —  thankfully my carpet is soft.

Sadly, after that seriously pathetic workout effort, I am completely spent and hacking up a lung again. I can’t wait for the drugs to push this cold out of my system, I feel like this one is hanging on forever!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring better workouts, a return to solid food (yes please!), and possibly even some housecleaning and homework.