For those of you who don’t know, we moved into a new house the day after Baby Boy was born. I realized over the weekend that even though we have now lived here just over 6 months, we are not fully unpacked, and my house is a complete wreck…

Enter the 5 minute game.

According to my husband, this was a game created by his mother to make cleaning the house fast, manageable, and and not completely tantrum inducing for younger kids. You divide the house into separate rooms, and everyone cleans that room for 5 minutes. When the timer rings, you’re done (even if you’re not) and you move on to the next room. While my house is still not unpacked, and the garage and backyard still need MAJOR help, I couldn’t believe that the rest of the house has completely transformed into a liveable space again. I had no idea the tornado of toys, dirty clothes, and clutter could disappear so quickly! And because we were racing the timer, it wasn’t a complete disaster getting our 4 year old to help 🙂 I’m guessing we’re going to need this game 3 or 4 more times this week, but it’s so much less stressful to clean for 5 minutes and go back to homework than to stress about how long it’s going to take me to clean up the ridiculous pile of laundry that has somehow materialized in my hallway (I swear that dirty clothes reproduce!).

And as a bonus, the fast paced cleaning felt like a pretty intense workout! And it also left me enough floor space to start T25 again….I’m down to 157, and working out again just feels amazing! I used to be a complete gym rat, and getting back to intense workouts makes me feel alive again. I’m also way less stressed when I’ve had a seriously strenuous sweat fest, which probably makes me a LOT easier to live with.

I would have posted before and after pics of the house, but I’m way too ashamed of how bad the before was…so here’s to my first picture-less blog! 😛