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Baby boy and I are enjoying a nice, lazy start to our Sunday. I have a bit of a cold, so we slept in and are just finishing a bit of a mish-mashed breakfast. Our refrigerator has been dead for a week and the new refrigerator isn’t scheduled to be delivered for another week, so I’m trying to use a as much of what’s in our two gigantic coolers as I can before it all goes bad.


Onion, mushrooms, spinach, black beans, and eggs on a corn tortilla. Not the prettiest thing I’ve ever cooked, but it’s healthy and it gets rid of most of the spinach that’s starting to turn. Hopefully I can use the rest in a juice or smoothie tonight–I hate throwing out food. I’m not a huge fan of the corn tortilla, but I’m starting to try to limit and eventually eliminate gluten in my diet (more on this tragedy later).

The rest of our morning and afternoon will be spent doing homework, and I’m actually pretty excited about my english assignment. I get to write a paper analyzing a forum discussing one of my favorite zombie stories of all time! Anyone who likes zombies in the slightest needs to hear this story — it’s a free podcast called “We’re Alive: A Zombie Story of Survival”. It’s one of the most skillfully written stories I’ve heard in a long time, and the acting and production are both amazing! This is the fourth and final season, and even though I’m super excited to know what happens and what everything means, I’m really sad to know that I won’t have this to brighten my Mondays anymore. This should be a pretty easy paper to knock out, because I’m a tiny bit obsessed with this podcast.

Hopefully can carry that excitement through my less exciting French and Romanian assignments. Then tonight baby boy will get to see me sing in a concert for the first time! He loves coming to choir practice with me, so hopefully he’ll enjoy it just as much sitting with Daddy as he does with me.

What podcasts do you like to listen to?